2018 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship Announcement

Since the 2017 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, an informal group with members in official or semi-official roles in the five bike polo regions (NA/EU/ANZ/LA/ASIA) have been discussing the future World Championships.

The current group involved with this discussion are:

  • Asia
    Ai Tanaka
    Member of the Japanese Bike Polo Association
  • Australia/New Zealand
    Nick Dixon-Wilmshurst
    Canberra representative on the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Association
  • Europe
    Gernot Gruber aka. Django
    Member of the European Hardcourt Bikepolo Association
  • Latin America
    Vero Enríquez Ruiz
    Member of the Latin American Bike Polo Association
  • North America
    Mark Aseltine
    NAH Tournament Director

We have been conversing for a couple months now and so far our conversations have been productive. They are ongoing and have been revolving around a few key questions.

We want to find a way to answer questions such as:

  • How do we determine who hosts the WHBPC?
  • What format should the WHBPC be?
  • How often should the WHBPC be held?
  • How do we properly represent the world community?

We have agreed that the community needs to make a decision on the host of the next WHBPC sooner than later.

We have also agreed that the region that last hosted the WHBPC (i.e. North America) should not be able to submit a bid, and that the host region before that (i.e. Australasia) should only get a chance to bid if no other region bids. That leaves Asia, Europe and Latin America as potential bidders.

The next step is to determine the bid criteria, a bidding timeline, and a method of voting on the bids. Questions on format and timing may be more difficult to resolve but we believe it can be done.

Before we go too far, we wanted the community to know what we are doing and how to get involved. All regions will be invited to add a second representative to the group as discussions continue. However, we wish to hear from all interested players so please get in touch with your reps (above) and tell them your ideas and together we can get the best results for the community.

2017 WHBPC Survey

We are gathering feedback from this year’s WHBPC and would love to get your input. This survey is for everyone, whether you watched from home, played in the Wildcard or competed in the finals! This information will help organizers of future world championships. Thank you!

Take the Survey!

Conduct at WHBPC ’17

Conduct on the court at the WHBPC 2017

The NAHBPA along with our host club, Lexington Bike Polo are doing many things to make this year’s WHBPC a wonderful and memorable experience for all attendees.

As part of our efforts to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for players, volunteers, and spectators, we will be actively encouraging players to steer clear of unsportsmanlike conduct. Excessive protest of referee decisions, general disruptions of game proceedings, and verbal and/or physical assault (both on and off the court) will not be tolerated throughout the week.

The NAH will be advising all referees to treat rules §6.7 & §7.2 with firm and immediate action. On the court this means immediate penalties and personal game misconduct penalties. Off the court this could lead to game suspension for players and removal from the event facility for spectators and volunteers. The NAH will also reserve the right to review player conduct by request of the head referee, a member of the NAH, or the opposing team captain following a match. Post match reviews could lead to further suspension. Players will be notified by the NAH and the Referee at the start of the game whether they are to immediately serve an escalated Game Misconduct penalty or could be subject to one during that game. These escalations will follow a player for the duration of the tournament.

Below you can find the full text for §6.7 & §7.2. We encourage all players to review the entire 2017 ruleset prior to WHBPC 2017. We look forward to having you all and we expect everyone to play and spectate in accordance with these simple rules, and treat one another with decency and respect.

NAH & Lexington Bike Polo


  • §6.7 – Personal Misconduct
    • §6.7.1 – Physical aggression or verbal abuse as defined in §7.2 is subject to an automatic Personal Misconduct penalty.
    • §6.7.2 – If necessary, the Referee immediately stops game play to end an altercation. The penalty is assessed per § Possession goes to the fouled team and the game restarts according to §4.2.3 with the following modifications:
      • § – The offending player is removed from the court for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or the remainder of the game – at the discretion of the Referee.
      • § – On the first offense, their team continues play with 2 players on the court for 30 seconds – the duration of a minor penalty – before a third player can enter play. On subsequent offenses, their team continues play with 2 players on the court for 2 minutes – the duration of a major penalty – before a third player can enter play.
    • §6.7.3 – Prior offenses and the impact of the infraction on the course of play will determine the severity of the penalty for both the player and their team. If a team receives multiple severe Personal Misconduct penalties in one game, the Referee stops the game immediately and the penalized team forfeits the game. The offending team is subject to tournament ejection based on review by the tournament organizers and head Referee. The final scoreline is determined by the head Referee.
  • §7.2 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    • §7.2.1 – An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is assessed when a player is judged by the Referee to be behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:
      • § – General disruption of game proceedings or excessive protest of Referee’s decisions.
      • § – Verbal or physical assault of a Referee, Goal Judge, Timekeeper, Scorekeeper, Event Organizer, Spectator, or any other Player on the court.
        • § – This is automatically assessed as Personal Misconduct per §6.7.
      • § – Relocating an opponent’s dropped mallet in order to make it more difficult for them to recover per §9.6.
      • § – Failure to tap-in or leave the play after dabbing.
    • §7.2.2 – This penalty is assessed as a Minor, Major or Personal Misconduct at the Referees discretion, except in §

NAHBPC 2017 Open Registration & Lottery

The NAHBPC will have a small open registration to fill one or three spots in the championship. We are asking for interested squads to submit 5-player or 6-player rosters. If your squad competed at a regional qualifier please state which one and your finishing position. We will consider your regional finishing spot as means for selection. Squads formed without having competed in a regional qualifier will also be considered through a random lottery. This will not be a click race.

If three or more full squads register, there will be three squads invited to attend. If fewer than three teams register, only one squad will be invited to attend. This policy is due to planning out the schedule of events with an even number of teams. This will be a very short application period as the event is approaching quickly. Please submit by noon EST July 16th. Selection will be made July 17th. Once selected, you will be contacted with instructions on how and who to pay. All registration payments are final and no refunds will be issued. Squads should only register if they are prepared to commit to travelling to the event.

The NAHBPC is in Frederick, MD on July 28th-30th hosted by Lancaster United with support from DC Bike Polo and the NAH. Find more information about travel and accommodations at the official website: nahbpc17.com

All submissions and inquiries should be made to Mark Aseltine (mark@nahardcort.com).

2017 WHBPC Wildcard

This years Wildcard will feature up to 12 teams, competing for at least 2 spots to the main event, more if continental spots are left unclaimed. The wildcard spots will be allocated by region and registration will open in each region at various times based on their qualifying event being completed or not. All regions will have an open registration period (not a click race) of two weeks followed by a lottery for available spots. Lottery results will be made public immediately after the registration period.

Wildcard format will be 2 groups of 6 teams, round-robin format. Top team(s) will advance to the main event.

Registration opening times are as follows:

Australia/New Zealand: June 15-29
BPLA: June 22-July 5
North America: August 10-18
Europe: August 14-20

Wildcard allocation:

NA – 4
EU – 4
BPLA – 2
A/NZ – 2

Registration requests must be emailed to mark@nahardcourt.com within the designated registration period and must include the following:

  • All members full names and home club
  • Captain email address
  • Team Name