Allocation to NAHBPC 2019

Emma Breen & Andrew Otto racing after the ball

Regional allocations for the 2019 season are official. Below you will find your regions allocations based on a two-court NAHBPC. If the number of courts changes, the number of spots awarded will be adjusted accordingly.

For an in-depth explanation of the prorated ranking system used to determine Regional allocation, read here. Questions? Email the Tournament Director at

NAHBPC 2019 Regional allocations:

  • South West (SW): 3
  • Cascadia (CS): 3
  • Great Plains (GP): 2
  • Eastside (ES): 2
  • Mexico (MX): 2
  • Heartland (HL): 2
  • Great Lakes (GL): 1
  • South East (SE): 1
  • South Central (SC): 1
  • Northside (NS): 1

As regions announce their Qualifiers, info will be posted on the Qualifying Series page.

Reminder that for all qualifiers you must adhere to the following regulation unless your region agrees to any variations (subject to approval by the NAH):

  1. Follow the current NAH ruleset (2017).
  2. Qualified teams shall take greater than 50% of that team to NAHBPC or else their spot shall be forfeited to the following team from their region.
  3. Regional Reps are responsible for delivering names of successful teams to the NAH Tournament Director (date TBD pending NAHBPC).
  4. Regional Reps are required to make very clear to their region how teams will qualify for the NAHBPC.
  5. Qualifiers must be open to players outside of the region, but regions have the option of making restrictions during the first two weeks for “in-region-only registration” followed by open registration. See policy definition of “In-Region” below.
  6. Regions are responsible for collecting their own registration fees. More information about collecting fees with legal and financial protections from NAHBPA.

In-Region Status

A team can have up to 6 players, but can only dress 5 of those players in the squad for any given match. You must declare “in-region” wherever the plurality of your players who are attending the tournament are located. You are only allowed to register during the “in-region” registration period for the region in which you have declared or otherwise fit into! If you want to register in additional qualifiers, you have to do so after the “in-region” window has closed.

So, for example, if you have 3 members from “region A” and 2 members from “region B”, you are considered “in-region” in A. If you have 2 from A, 2 from B and 1 from C, you get to declare A or B. Here is a chart to help clarify:

Players, marked by region “In-Region” status

AAABB* Region A
AABBC Declare A or B
AABCD Region A
ABCDE Declare A, B, C, D or E

*If you do have a roster of 6 people, use the same logic, but with the players who are traveling and planning on playing. So if your team looks like AAABBB, but you are only playing 5 people, use the plurality to declare your region. If you are traveling and playing all 6, you can declare A or B but all of those 3 players must attend that tournament.

Multiple Qualifiers

If your team decides to travel to multiple qualifiers and successfully qualifies in both, you must choose the region for you to have “in-region” status. If you only qualify out-of-region, you will represent that region and the points system will allocate points to that region.

For questions regarding the schedule, format or allocation, please contact Mark Aseltine directly at