Attendance to 2019 WHBPC

2 players riding to polo

Attention NAH community. The WHBPC is approaching fast and we would like to invite anyone interested in attending the World Championship in Córdoba to email Mark at as we have a number of unclaimed spots to fill.

If you attended the NAHBPC and you are interested in attending the WHBPC, please speak with your captain as I have already reached out to them for registration.

When emailing Mark, please include:

  • All three names of players
  • If any of the players are not residents of North America (Canada, US, Mexico)
  • The email address that should be forwarded to the organisers in Córdoba
  • How confident you are of attending and if you are able to pay the registration free immediately (Note: Registration is $330/team)

You have until August 10th to contact Mark with a roster. Please stay tuned into your email for more info once you have applied to attend.