SEQ In Athens, Georgia sends 5 teams to North Americans

The South East Qualifier is over and the results can be found over on LOBP. While we couldn’t find any pictures of the winning team on the internet to share, it is interesting to note that this tournament had a full 32 teams! Way to go Athens and the South East Region.

1 – Team Ginyu Force – Arnold(Tally), Bob(Tally)and Christopher (Tally)
2 – The Fact Checkers – Jimmy (Tally), Kyle (Tally), Travis (Gainesville)
3 – tsktskshhh – Danny (Tally), Mike (DC), Joseph (Tampa)
4 – Lemme slip a’ball in – Justin (Mobile), Brent (ATL), Paul (ATL)
5 – Ribbits – Tiffany (LEX), Jake(Ft Myers), Sergio (Ft Myers).