Texas Dominates the South Central Qualifier in Denver

For anyone watching the livestream this weekend, you got to see the beautiful scenery, pristine court and impeccable streaming quality. Shout out to Brandon Carter who put together a mighty fine event. Here are the results:

6 Qualified Teams from SCQ:

1. Boobies Make ME SMILE (Pelon, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
2. Ghost Wolves (Bob, Zach ATX, Maxxx SEA)
3. Mucho Take It Easy (Miguel ATX, Diego, Miguel HOU)
4. Witchcraft (Spencer, Malakai, Josh LKS)
T5. Diablos de Tejas (Alekos HOU, David, David SAT)
T5. Trident (Duncan DEN, Alex, Lee DRO)

Congratulations Boobies! Sorry for the awful picture!.