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The format for the NAHBPC 2015 is going to change slightly from the past few years.

The main thinking behind this is to condense the amount of time anyone needs to be playing, meaning shorter periods of time between games, and being able to relax for 2/3 of the day. This will also make it easier to find refs and other volunteers, as only 1/3 of players will be playing at any time.

Day 1 (Friday 18th September)

54* teams, divided into 3 groups of 18

  • Group A, 5 rounds,  9am-1pm
  • Group B, 5 rounds, 1pm-5pm
  • Group C, 5 rounds, 5pm-9pm

The top 6 of each group will qualify for the top 18 group on day 2, the rest will go to the bottom 36.

*while we could divide 48 into 3 groups of 16, it makes scheduling easier, if there are an even number of games per court, so 9 games in a round is better than 8. It only adds 15 extra games over the whole day, and it also means that we can qualify 6 extra teams from the wildcard.

Day 2 (Saturday 19th September)

The top 18 teams will go into the morning group, the remaining 36 will be split into two evenly seeded groups of 18.

  • Top 18, 4 rounds, 9am-12pm
  • Bottom 36, Group A, 5 rounds, 12pm-4pm
  • Bottom 36, Group B, 5 rounds, 4pm-8pm

The top 18, and the best 7 of each Bottom 36 group, will play on Sunday.

Day 3 (Sunday 20th September)

32 team double elimination.