2016 Tournament Survey


With the Worlds in Timaru fresh in the memory, and preparations starting for the 2016 season, we would like players in North America, and throughout the world, to provide us with feedback on what they think NAH tournaments should look like.

We have gathered plenty of feedback since NAHBPC 2015 regarding what individuals want, but we would like to get a bigger picture of what the community at large thinks. To do this, we have written this survey, and would request that you respond to it.

Any results of this survey will used only as an indication of the views of players who play in NAH tournaments, but may not be binding, when making decisions. We will publish the results after the community has had plenty of time to respond.

Please share this with as many people as possible, the more data we get, the more accurate it will be.

There is no cutoff date for answers, but we are likely to make decisions on the format for this year (or the lack of it), within the next few weeks.

John – Tournament Director

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