2018 NAHBPC Bids & Regional Qualifiers

Welcome to the official call for bids for the 2018 NAHBPC. This year’s call is going to be different than past years. As you might know last year the NAH brought an added level of support and collaboration to the NAHBPC than in past years. We helped create schedules for the tournament, we aided in the collection of team names and registration. We used our website and social media platform to distribute information and communicate to team captains directly.

This year we will be doing all of this and more. This year we will be giving out seed money to the club successful in hosting the 2018 NAHBPC. That’s right, we’re giving out money! Up to $2,275.00!

Here is a quick breakdown of the money we will be offering up to a host club looking to take on this years event:

$500 Winning bid (two courts)
$300 Additional Courts (for each additional court) max 4
$75/court Lights (until at least 10pm) to a maximum of $225
$50/court Court Access (symmetrical squad ready doors) to a maximum of $150
$100/court Reffing facilities (elevated, covered stands with functional scoreboards)
50% contribution Free Food (match costs on food, snacks, beverages) max $100/day
$5/Game Refereeing (for every game in the tournament we will front $5 for reffing)

These are the financial perks we will be offering up to the host of the 2018 NAHBPC. This along with the support from our team and the skills of past tournament organizing, we feel any club in the NAH has the ability to take this on and we encourage you to submit a bid. Interested hosts should consider how else they would fundraise for the NAHBPC in conjunction with NAH funds. Bids should be submitted via email (mark@nahardcourt.com) with the documents provided here.

The 2018 NAHBPC should be held no earlier than September 21st and no later than October 22, 2018. If you would like to host outside of this time window, please contact the NAH Tournament Organiser to discuss the feasibility.

Regional Qualifiers

Like last year, we are using the new prorated ranking system for regional allocation which factors a region’s performance over the previous four years. For a more information on 2018 regional qualifiers, read more here.

For any questions regarding the bid process or the application form, please contact Mark Aseltine directly at mark@nahardcourt.com.

For questions regarding hosting the NAHBPC, please contact Jennifer Spencer directly at jennifer@nahardcourt.com or Matt Krofcheck at thiscarcrash1@gmail.com.

Photo by Carlos Hauck

2018 North American Bike Polo

Happy belated new year to all!  We hope you’re enjoying your winter, and maybe (weather permitting) finding some time to play polo!

The NAH wants to give you a rundown of some of our initiatives for the end of winter into spring, as well as introduce some new team members!  We also know that everyone is eager to know what this season will look like, and we can report some early details to help you in your bike polo season planning and scheduling!


WTF-FRST – One of the things we were most proud of in 2017 was working with WTF-FRST to get six bike polo scholarships out to WTF athletes to assist in their development and competitive season!  In 2018, we intend to continue the program, and with the generous contributions from the bike polo community, we hope to exceed our previous year!

Going Official – The NAH is a registered corporation in the District of Columbia that is tax exempt due to its 501(c)3 status.  This was the primary feature that let us bid for the money we needed to put on the WHBPC stream last year!  This taught us a lot, but it also got use thinking about what kinds of more formal and official structures that could be established at the local level so that clubs could take advantage of public funds and non-profit status to build infrastructure.  What we’ve seen in the past is often a club will have a PayPal account that is in reality simply a member’s private account.  This is a good vehicle for collecting funds, but if that person was audited by the IRS, they might have a very bad time proving they didn’t owe back taxes.  For these reasons and more, the NAH has a new initiative to get clubs to formally incorporate so that they also have legal and financial protections.  This initiative in 2018 will consist of a series of documents on how to do this, but may additionally include some limited financial support for the associated processing fees that the state will collect.

Grants – Building off the last initiative, we’ve brought on a new team member to search publicly listed grants that clubs might be able to use for tournaments or infrastructure development.  Anyone who has been around for a while and worked on polo development knows that this is the biggest thing holding us back.

The NAH Team

Alias Tagami – President, Governor, Treasurer

Mark Aseltine – Tournament Director

Kayla Story – Outreach Director [NEW]

Joe Rstom – Rules Director, Head Ref

Megan Shoop – Grants & Public Programs Coordinator [NEW]

Adam Hite – Web Development

Alyssa Johnes – Graphic Design [NEW]

Jennifer Spencer – Social Media Director

Will Robbins – Reffing Consultant

2018 NAH Schedule

The details as of today are few, but we can tell you that we plan to have a later season than the previous year.  This is in part due to only hosting one major, the NAHBPC.  As with each year we try to constrain the NA championship to some later point in the year then work backwards in season planning.  We want all region qualifiers to be finished with eight weeks to spare before NAs.  This provides some time for teams to plan and save money.  We will continue to use the Squad format.

Who will host RQs?  The RQs have always been the responsibility of the regions to coordinate and plan.  The NAH’s position remains as it has in previous years, once regional allocations of teams are published, we leave it to the regions to decide how they will send their teams.  We know that each region has different challenges in coordinating and hosting, so we hope to see creative leadership from clubs and NAH Regional Reps.

Who will host NAs?  We’ve had some rumors fly around, but we will introduce a place to submit bid info next month.  This year the NAH will do something different.  We will provide starter funds for the host club.  These starter funds increase with the number of criteria the host bid fulfills (e.g., More money if the host is providing three courts versus two).  Expect to see a post on this topic to come soon in the next weeks.

2017 was an incredible year for North American bike polo.  But before we get too far into 2018, we’d like to thank a few people and groups in particular.  First a foremost, the hosts of the WHBPC, Lexington Bike Polo.  We could not have made it happen without the generous contribution from our sponsor Kentucky for Kentucky and the generous public grant from the Kentucky Department of Tourism!  Special thanks to Broomwagan Coffee & Bikes, West Sixth Brewing, County Club, and numerous other local businesses who helped make players from around the world have the greatest time in Lexington.  We had lots of other sponsors pour in prizes for the WHBPC as well like Pake and RYB Denim.  Rustbelt Welding provided trophies for the NAHBPC and WHBPC.  We want to also thank Lancaster United Bike Polo and DC Bike Polo for their work on the NAHBPC.  We’d like to thank all of the hosts of the regional qualifiers. We couldn’t have done without you!

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to help us on the year or if you’d like to get more involved, email Alias (alias@nahardcourt.com).

NAHBPC 2017 Open Registration & Lottery

The NAHBPC will have a small open registration to fill one or three spots in the championship. We are asking for interested squads to submit 5-player or 6-player rosters. If your squad competed at a regional qualifier please state which one and your finishing position. We will consider your regional finishing spot as means for selection. Squads formed without having competed in a regional qualifier will also be considered through a random lottery. This will not be a click race.

If three or more full squads register, there will be three squads invited to attend. If fewer than three teams register, only one squad will be invited to attend. This policy is due to planning out the schedule of events with an even number of teams. This will be a very short application period as the event is approaching quickly. Please submit by noon EST July 16th. Selection will be made July 17th. Once selected, you will be contacted with instructions on how and who to pay. All registration payments are final and no refunds will be issued. Squads should only register if they are prepared to commit to travelling to the event.

The NAHBPC is in Frederick, MD on July 28th-30th hosted by Lancaster United with support from DC Bike Polo and the NAH. Find more information about travel and accommodations at the official website: nahbpc17.com

All submissions and inquiries should be made to Mark Aseltine (mark@nahardcort.com).

2017 NAH Qualifier Results

The 2017 NAH Regional Qualifying series has finally come to an end! Here are the results so far:


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
June 17-18

  1. Mosquito* (Will, Daren, Andrea, Greg, Dellwo, Duane SKN)
  2. Magpie (Josh, John, Bill EDM, Duane SKN)
  3. Triple Threat (Zach, Lee, Matt, Brad SKN, Gibson SLC)


Wausau, Wisconsin
June 10-11

  1. Abracadbra* (Zack MKE, Matt CLE, Cailyn CBUS, Jonathan ANC, Calebtru LNS)
  2. The Hardwoods* (Trevor ???, Flynn MKE, Dylan MAD, Seth, Tyler WAU)
  3. Be Still My Heart (Megan PHL, Chris, Tomohiko, Mark CHI, Emma GR)
    TBD (Bird, Sean, Genghis, Jan MKE, Thomas LAF)


San Luis Potosí, Mexico
May 27-28

  1. Annunakis* (Yair, Raúl, Paco, Christina, Flavia)
  2. Pandilla Tortura (Kevin, Axel, D. Ruano, Yanet, Omayra)
  3. Vándalos (Daniel, Fernando Neza, Diego, Belen, Diana)
  4. Chilaquil (Samuel, Fernando S.L.P, Marian, Paul, Daniel)


Ottawa, Ontario
May 27-28

  1. Low Key Hugz* (Allan, Angelo, Wes OTT, patricia, Bustin TO, Jonathan ANC)
  2. Trash Panda (Tex, Oskar, Nick Iwanyshyn, Ngaihon TO, Charlie BUF)
  3. Mont-Paul (Germain, Olivier, Matthieu, Vincent MTL, Dolly MTL)
    Literally Aluminium Garage (chandel, John, Aaron, Nick, Shane TO)


Denver, Colorado
May 27-28

  1. Chicken Wingz* (Dasha VAN, Miguel, Max ATX, Jenny DAV, Diego HOU)
  2. Los Banditos (Zach ATX, chu, Cara MEM, Giblets SLC, Tucker COS)
  3. Dad Strength (Kyle LNC, Davièr STL, Erin, Brandon, Duncan DEN)
  4. Piper United (Nathan, todd, Tim, DEN, Hite, kimberly ATX)


Folsom, California
May 20-21

  1. Control* (Shitty, Jacki, Bruce, Forrest, Ace SF)
  2. Ouch* (Taco Tony MAD, Ben, Jenny DAV, Diego HOU, niCo SF)
  3. Cornodogs* (Mrk Dvs SF, Aaron PDX, Stiven SF, chandel TO)
  4. Les Beehive Baes (Dove, Tate, Mr.CSB, Gabe, Tina, SLC)


Boston, Massachusetts
May 13-14

  1. Judgement* (Addison BOS, Bird MAD, Arnold, Shelley NYC, Tyler OAK)
  2. Rat Queen* (Erica, Nate, Zach NYC, Jessi TAC)
  3. Whistle Pig (Alex, Carter, Matt K, Matt H. K. LAN, Meg PHL)
  4. Toni’s Wives (Taylor, Jav, Mike, Tobi, Robby BOS)


Seattle, Washington
May 6-7

  1. Bob Ross* (Redbeard, kouyo, Sterling SEA, Hams LEX, Emma GR)
  2. Crunchy* (Arlyn, Pete, Aaron, Thatblackarm PDX, Elijah SEA, Diego HOU)
  3. Albatross* (Fletcher PDX, jake, JT, Smarsh, Danielle SEA)
  4. Planeteers* (DrewT PDX, Dustin, Jess SEA, Nick MPLS, paperplane SKN)


Tallahassee, Florida
April 29-30

  1. Sea Cowabunga* (Jimmy, Christopher, Delgado, Kyle, Alison TLH)
  2. Shleemies (Bobby FTM, Peter PHL, Danny TLH, Emily, Mike TPA)
  3. Puttin on the Gritz (Stuart, Joel, Salem AVL, KCJ JAX, Melly RDU)
    All You Can Eat Jimmy Buffet (Jessica, TravisAtom GNV, JJ, Cherri JAX, Wil TPA)


Columbus, Ohio
April 29-30

  1. Ghost Ships* (Taco Tony, Kaylasagne MAD, David, Peter, SLIME BOY CBUS)
  2. Edmund Fitzgerald* fka Lexington.ca (Adam, Sergio LEX, Bird MKE, Ben MAD, Travis CBUS, Rob CHI)
  3. Pagans (Andy, Graham, chu, Juice, Cara MEM)
  4. Paul Alka Fan Club (Stas CIN, Fun MEM, Thomas LAF, Betsy IND, Jonathan ANC)

*Qualified for NAHBPC

Frederick, MD to host NAHBPC 2017

Friday July 28th to Sunday July 30th

The NAH is pleased to announce that Frederick, MD will be hosting the NAHBPC 2017! The planning and coordination will be managed by the Lancaster United Bike Polo Club, with supplemental support from the NAH. The Hillstreet Park courts have long been a go-to in the Eastside Region for years. The two symmetrical courts have professional lighting, fast playing concrete, and full boards with fencing. Each court has two bench areas, one for each team, and each bench area has two doors onto the court for ease of access.

Frederick is a town in NW Maryland on I-70. Frederick is accessible from DC by MARC train. For those flying in, Frederick is in the proximity of three major airports:

  • 42 miles from IAD
  • 55 miles from BWI
  • 60 miles from DCA


The main event will have 18 teams compete over the course of three days.

Fri July 28th OPENING STAGE 9am-9pm (Round Robin, 2 groups of 9 teams)
Sat July 29th OPENING STAGE (con’t) 9am-9pm (Round Robin, 2 groups of 9 teams)
Sun July 30th SECOND STAGE 9am-2pm (Round Robin, 2 groups of 4 teams)
Sun July 30th ELIMINATION STAGE 3pm-8pm (Single Elimination, top 8 teams)


The NAH would like to introduce and announce its new regional allocation system, the Pro-Rated Ranking System. This post highlights the main reasons for changing the system and explains the new system in comparison to the old system to help everyone understand how NAH will allocate spots for teams from all ten North American regions this year and in the future.

The most important reason for the change is that the new system more accurately captures the strength of a region through collecting points for every team that attends NAHBPC and considers four years of performance, not just one, when allocating spots.

A more in-depth explanation of the Pro-Rated Ranking system can be read in its entirety here.

NAHBPC 2017 Regional allocation is as follows:

Cascadia 4
South West 3
Heartland 2
Eastsides 2
Great Lakes 2
South Central 1
Great Plains 1
South East 1
North Sides 1
Mexico 1

Regions are in the process of announcing their Qualifiers. Details can be found here.

Reminder that for all qualifiers you must adhere to the following “rules” unless your regions agrees to any variations:

  1. Follow the current NAH ruleset (2017 coming soon).
  2. Qualified teams should take ⅗ of that team to NAHBPC or else their spot shall be forfeited to the following team.
  3. Regional reps are responsible for delivering names of successful teams to the NAH Tournament Director (date TBD pending NAHBPC).
  4. Regional reps are required to make very clear to the region how teams will qualify for the NAHBPC.
  5. Qualifiers must be open to outside regional players, but regions have the option of making restrictions on this by making the first two weeks “in-region only registration” followed by registration being open to all regions. See description of In-Region below.
  6. Regions are responsible for collecting their own registration fees.

In-Region Status

A squad can have up to 6 players, but can only dress 5 of those players for each game. You must declare “in-region” wherever the majority of your players who are attending the tournament are located. You are only allowed to register during the “in-region” registration period for the region in which you have declared or otherwise fit into! If you want to register in additional qualifiers, you have to do so after the “in-region” window has closed.

So, for example, if you have 3 members from “region A” and 2 members from “region B”, you are considered “in-region” in A. If you have 2 from A, 2 from B and 1 from C, you get to declare A or B. Here is a chart to help clarify:

Players, marked by region “In-Region” status
AAABB* Region A
AABBC Declare A or B
AABCD Region A
ABCDE Declare A, B, C, D or E

*If you do have a roster of 6 people, use the same logic, but with the players who are traveling and planning on playing. So if you’re team looks like AAABBB, but you are only playing 5 people use the majority. If you are traveling and playing all 6, you can declare A or B but those 3 players must attend that tournament.

Multiple Qualifiers

If your team decides to travel to multiple qualifiers and qualifies in both, you must choose the region for you to have “in-region” status.

If you only qualify out-of-region, you will represent that region and the points system will allocate points to that region.

For questions regarding the schedule, format or allocation, please contact Mark Aseltine directly at mark@nahardcourt.com.

For questions regarding rules or team composition, please contact Joe Rstom directly at joe@nahardcourt.com.