Milwaukee to Host NAHBPC 2018

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The NAH is very pleased to announce that the 2018 NAHBPC will be returning to Milwaukee, WI!

Milwaukee (MKE) has been a bike polo institution in the short history of our sport.  It has forged champions, and it no stranger to hosting major events.  The NAH knows that the MKE club will provide an excellent continental championship, and we were very pleased with the content of their bid.  The final date of the event is still being finalized, but it will still occur within the original NAHBPC window (Between Sept 21st and Oct 22nd).

As more details are known will be posted here:

MKE’s bid took excellent advantage of the grant initiative funding that the NAH reserved for the event, and the entire North American bike polo community should praise them for their work thus far and to come.  Their bid features supplemental support from Wausau Bike Polo, and as such praise and thanks should be passed on to both clubs for their collaboration.  The bid is ambitious, and involves potential new court infrastructure.  If you are already familiar with MKE’s court setup, the bid outlined how the tournament space will adapted for the squad format should existing infrastructure be used for the event.

Please be patient while we work with MKE.  In an abundance of caution, we won’t over-promise on details, so today’s announcement is limited to the location and time-window of the event.  The Regional Qualifiers (RQs) have already begun, and we are excited about the season.  Because of the NAHBPC’s timing, we remind all regions who have not yet scheduled their RQ that as a courtesy that they not schedule their tournament within six weeks of the NAHBPC.  This allows for players and teams to have the bare minimum time needed to plan and schedule leave for the event and ensures a high quality competition.

Read more about the 2018 NAHBPC here.

If you have any questions about the format of the NAHBPC, email Mark Aseltine (

Good luck on the court!  Be Safe!


Global Note:  Looking ahead to the next WHBPC, the international committee has began receiving bids for 2019.  Those documents are not the custody of the NAH, and we will share what we can when the committee agrees the material is ready for public review and input.  It’s an exciting time in bike polo!