NAH Ruleset 2019

We are happy to announce a small update to the ruleset ahead of the 2019 NAHBPC. After gathering feedback from players and referees who participated in WHPBC 2017 and NAHBPC 2017/2018, the most common and serious topic of discussion was the lack of consistency with Referees, as well as mitigating the benefit of a “clean slate” after a game is over. We have seen teams commit multiple penalties near the end of the game to secure a win and then move onto the next knock-out stage with absolutely no repercussions.

It became a priority in 2019 to address the issue of penalty escalation and introduce a mechanism for punishing repeat offenders over the course of a tournament. We did not want to introduce this prior to qualifiers, as we felt the interpretation/implementation could be inconsistent and the overall tournament experience could be affected. We are confident that implementing this rule prior to NAHBPC 2019 will allow us to communicate it to all of the participants and Referees more effectively, allow the change to organically spread into regional tournaments, and most importantly: give us time to improve the rule for 2020 and beyond.

This rule update is the first of two planned updates — the next of which will come in 2020 — and has two basic parts:

We establish a systematic approach to penalty escalation so that Referees have clear guidance. No more guessing or half measures. Additionally, there is the possibility of “Fouling Out” which will result in a 1 game ban to be served by the player after the game in which they accumulate too many fouls.

To read this update, the updated ruleset is available at: and the important new material is in Section 6: Penalty Format.

The referee can assess a Ball Turnover, Minor, Major at any time for any infraction, however these are the minimum requirements for assessing penalties for repeat offenders. After an individual player is assessed 2 Ball Turnovers for infractions, their next foul will result in a Minor (30 second, goal cancellation). After two Minors, the next one will result in a Major (90 second, no goal cancellation). On their 2nd Major (6 total penalties), the team will play the 90 seconds and the individual will have “Fouled Out” and be required to sit out of the game for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or the rest of the game. We are using the existing Personal Misconduct language to allow the referee to determine an appropriate amount of time that the player must leave the game. In addition to this time in which the player cannot enter, they will serve a 1 game ban in the game immediately following the game in which they received a Misconduct.

This last detail is hugely important to balance out the benefit of late-game penalties in knock out stages of tournaments. And after NAHBPC this year we will refine this and add another layer to address total penalties accumulated by an entire team.

Here is an example of the scoresheet we’ll be using at NAHBPC to track this, with X’s in the boxes where players have accumulated penalties. This demonstrates that it is possible to move from left to right in a linear way, or the Referee can escalate the penalties more quickly if they choose.

You may have questions:

  • How did we arrive at these numbers?
    We watched video, talked with referees, and ran a few potential scenarios through this system. This is our equivalent of “three strikes”, and the number may change, but right now 6 feels good.
  • What if we only have 4 players on our team and 2 of them “foul out”? Do we have to play a game with 2 players?
    We consider 3 players to be the minimum to play, so the player who fouled out first will sit out the first game and then the other player will serve their ban in the following game. This situation will be rare and the tournament organizer will discuss this with the captains of all teams involved as well as the Referees from all games.
  • What about the other escalation guidelines in various rules?
    You’re right, and we read through it and it all still applies. Most instances refer to automatic escalation and that will always be valid unless the player has already found themselves in foul trouble in which case this new rule will take precedence. If you have concerns, just ask an Organizer what to do when it happens.
  • Have you been working on anything else?
    Yep! We fixed 100 typos, adjusted some language about dabbing and round robin formats.

If you have questions or concerns prior to the event, please email If you have questions during NAHBPC 2019, please speak with Mark.

Vote for the location of WHBPC 9

Following the process for choosing the 9th World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship host, the World Bike Polo Organizing Committee received three bids from Bike Polo Vienna, Córdoba Bicipolo and Perpignan Bike Polo. The bidders had a month to put a presentation together to show the world what they have to offer, including pictures of the venues, so the world wide community can choose a winner.

After we contacted all the bidders, we received notice from Perpignan Bike Polo withdrawing their bid.

Final Two Bids

Cordoba Bike Polo:
Vienna Bike Polo:

Voting Open!

The committee has developed the following voting form for you tell us your preferred host.

The form also includes a vote on format. Both hosts have confirmed that they can accommodate a 3v3 or squad tournament. The vote on format is optional but the decision is binding for the 9th Worlds only.

Voting starts now and finishes on July 31. Go!

Issues like regional allocations, the tournament schedule and referring will be determined after we decide the host.

As you know, the committee is composed of representatives from NAH, EHBA, AHBPA, AsiaHBPA, and BPLA.

Versão em português abaixo

Siguiendo el proceso establecido para elegir sede del 9no Mundial de Bicipolo, el comité organizador del mundial recibió tres propuestas de los clubes de Vienna, Córdoba y Perpignan. Los clubes postulantes tuvieron un mes para realizar una presentación que le mostrara al mundo lo que sus ciudades pueden ofrecer, estas incluyen fotos de los lugares y canchas para que la comunidad polera pueda escoger un ganador.

Después de contactar a las personas postulantes, recibimos la información de que Perpignan retiraba su postulación. Como resultado de esto, presentamos las dos propuestas finales.

Bicipolo Cordoba:

Bicipolo Viena:

El comité desarrolló el siguiente formulario en el que la gente puede votar por su anfitrión favorito. El formulario también incluye una sección opcional sobre el formato, pero la información que de ahí surja será vinculante. Ambos anfitriones confirmaron que el torneo organizado puede acoplarse a cualquiera de los dos formatos (3v3 or squad tournament). Esta decisión será únicamente para el 9no mundial.

La votación empieza hoy y finaliza el 31 de julio, ¡a votar!

Temas como lugares para cada región, horarios de juego y arbitraje serán discutidos después de junto al club anfitrión.

Como saben, el comité está compuesto por representantes de NAH, EHBA, AHBPA, AsiaHBPA and BPLA.

WHBPC Livestream Watch Parties

WHBPC Livestream – Watch Party Support & Giveaway

NAHBPA and Lexington Bike Polo are proud to announce we are producing a high-quality livestream of the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship on October 6th and 7th on the NAH YouTube channel – at no charge to the viewer and free of external advertising. Our hope is that clubs, family and friends around the world to be able to enjoy the livestream and show their support. Our goal is to document the event for players to consume and learn, to amplify and grow the sport with a broader audience, and to allow players around the world to share in the experience. To this end, we are asking for your help and support.

There are two ways in which you can help:

  • Setup a watch party for your club at a local establishment. A bike shop, coffee shop or bar/restaurant that has a YouTube capable television / projector. If you can identify this establishment, we will provide artwork for flyers to promote the watch party for you to print, and we can assist in coordinating with the venue for food/drink specials, etc.
  • Participate in our fundraising efforts for the livestream by purchasing raffle tickets for a dedicated online raffle. We are asking for $5 from individuals for 1 ticket, or $50 from an official watch party for 10 tickets. The online raffle will be conducted separately from the raffle happening at the tournament, so watch parties are guaranteed to win the 3 prizes below!

What do you get for participating in the raffle?

  • Your name / club name / venue will be mentioned by commentators both days on the livestream.
  • Your name / club name / watch party venue will be listed as a supporter alongside sponsors on at least one game to be posted on YouTube after the event has concluded.
  • You will be entered in a drawing for 3 prizes*:
    • 1st Prize: Limited-edition custom WHBPC Pake Bourbon Chaser bike polo frameset
    • 2nd Prize: Gift Certificate Package, T-Shirt, Hat, Can Coozie
    • 3rd Prize: T-Shirt, Hat, Can Coozie
  • *Winners will be drawn before the final game. Prizes will be delivered after the tournament has concluded

Your support would mean that we can provide this livestream free of advertisements and continue the legacy of community driven event organizing that makes bike polo what it is. Please contact to discuss how to setup a watch party in your city and receive the artwork, but most importantly you should use the donation buttons below to enter in the raffle.

$5 – 1 Raffle Entry

$50 – 10 Raffle Entries


WHBPC Team Lists

Players and Spectators: It is imperative that you complete these forms. Volunteering, Refereeing, Housing, Shirt Sizes – everything we need to know is based on these poll answers. If you do not fill these out, it makes planning a great event much more difficult. Follow the links:

Player Form

Non-Player Form



The following team lists are in qualifying order and are confirmed by both the regions organizing body and the team captains. Last names have been removed.


Control: Andrew, Eric, Forrest, Jacki, Bruce
Bob Ross: Sterling, Kouyo, Nick, Chris, Julian
Crunchy: Aaron, Pete, Gavin, Diego, David
Mosquito: Will, Daren, Andrea, Nick, Sean
Ghost Ship: Tony, Kayla, David, Kaleb, Peter
Ursa Minor: Bob, Jimmy, Kyle, Melanie, Graham, Danny
Rat Queen: Nate, Zack, Erica, Jenifer, Nico
Judgement: Bernadette, Addison, Shelley, Arnold, Tyler, Chris


Mongrels United: Emmet, Dodi, Morgan, Quentin, Martin
Call Me Daddy: Polo, Will, Luca, Alex, Quentin
Impossiboys: Robert, Louis, Bernard, Florent, Hugo
Geneve Velo Polo: David, Clement, Quentin, Manu, Tomas
Trees Bigotes: Enrico, Edoardo, Edoardo, Julien, Brice
Frankfurt Finest: Lukas, Eddy, Jan, Piks, David
Didier Rasta: Theo, Quentin, Julien, Elodie, Gatien
WTF: Juliane, Marije, Jaquy, Michelle, Nathalie


Spectres: Jason, Prawi, Max, Scott, TBC
Huntsmen: Daniel, Ben, Damon, Nick, Jamie
Inspectre Keanu: Dante, Jordan, John, Timothy, Claire
Proshed Timaru: Mike, Richard, Sam, Ashley, Karl


Mucho Niño: Raúl, Flavia, Yair, Nicolas, Bruce
Super Polo: Kevin, Daniel, Daniel, Enrique, Diana, Miguel
Colombia: Jaime, Camilo, Henry, Fabian, Jose


Ninja 5: Yoshiki, Hiroshi, Kotoku, Azusa, Ai



The following teams are listed in the order in which they were randomly selected for the wildcard, starting with North America and then the Extra spots. Only NA teams were in the running for NA spots, and then the remaining BPLA team was added into the mix for drawing Extra spots. Aus/NZ and BPLA had filled their spots prior to the ms were in the running for NA spots, and then the remaining BPLA team was added into the mix for drawing Extra spots. Aus/NZ and BPLA had filled their spots prior to the drawing for NA / Extra spots. EHBA did not submit any wildcard teams.


Scavengers: Clint, Joelle, Nick, Johnnie, Ben, Phelan


Niñoloba: Nelly, Bárbara, Leandro, Jonathan, Álex
Not Another Brick in the Wall: Verónica, María, Omayra, Katerinne, Lina, Sarah


Moon Dust: Thanh, Sean, Jan, Doug, Ben
Chartreuseless: Ryan, Ilene, Meghan, Matt, Cailyn, Coco, Joe
GNIVES: Alias, James, Michael, Alison, Christopher, Adam
Irate Cycling People: Jacob, Blu, Cristos, Tony, Carol, Elijah


Lexington Bike Polo: Tiffany, Quinn, Sergio, Jackie, Ben, David


Benchmark: Mark, Shannon, Max, Elliot, Scooter,
Be Still My Heart: Chris, Megan, Rob, Mark, Tomo,
Mathletes: Alen, Jimmy, Gabe, Clinton, Emma,
Escuadron 201: Angel, Samuel, Omayra, Nilton, Pablo

Rules Updates for NAH Qualifiers

We’ve already begun to implement feedback we’ve received from players and have made a few immediate updates to the ruleset that was released earlier in April. Thank you for all of your input! It truly helps guide future development.

Qualifier organizers are advised to used this latest edition, and are still allowed to petition for exemptions to any rules that create unreasonable hardship for players. This is just an example of how all of this is a work in progress and flexibility will facilitate progress.

Read it here.

Here are the changes – aside from typos – with explanations:

  • 2.4 – Bicycles
  • 2.4.2 – The handlebars are plugged or capped, and can extend no more than 12 13 inches (12″ 13″ or 305mm 330mm) from the center of the stem.

We increased the maximum handlebar limit to accommodate commonly available sizes and to ease the community into this new rule.

  • 2.5 – Mallets
    • – The inner diameter of any hole on the mallet head may not exceed 2.25” 2.3”(57mm 58.5mm). The maximum outside diameter of the mallet head may not exceed 2.559″ (65mm).

After years of mallet progress and misinterpretation of the rule, we’ve simply adjusted this number to reflect what is available in the market. We’ll be exploring the maximum ID and maximum OD over the course of this year and we are discussing this with all of the major manufacturers. If you have a strong opinion about this, please email me (respectfully).

  • 5.6 – Carrying
  • 5.6.2 – Carrying with the body is defined as using a hand, or other part of the body, to shoot, pass, or otherwise deliberately redirect or add momentum to the ball. If a player uses their hand to “catch” the ball out of the air they must immediately drop the ball on the ground below the point at which the ball was caught.
    • § – A defensive player within their own crease may deliberately redirect, but may not “catch”, an airborne ball that is below shoulder height to prevent it from entering the net.

It was observed that a goalie should rightfully be allowed to bat an airborne ball away from the crease, instead of being forced to catch it and drop it. Only defensive players are allowed to do this, within the crease and below shoulder height.

  • 6.7 – Game Misconduct
  • 6.7.2 – If necessary to avoid escalation, the Referee immediately stops game play to end the altercation. Otherwise, the penalty is called per § Possession goes to the fouled team and the game restarts according to §4.2.3 with the following modifications:
    • § – The offending player is removed from the court for the remainder of the game and their team continues play with 2 players on the court for 2 minutes – the rest duration of the a game major with penalty 2– eligible before players. a third player can enter play.
    • § – Following the issuance of a game misconduct penalty, the offending player is subject to tournament ejection based on review by the head Referee.

The old game misconduct for 3v3 logically forced 2v3 for the duration of a game. I didn’t realize how this would affect squad games, so I adjusted it to only impact the team the way a Major penalty would. The player who receives a game misconduct is not allowed to reenter the game, but a 3rd player from the bench can enter play after 2 minutes.

You can see this update here:

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