2015 Season amendments

Ladies Army

After our announcement about the 2015 season, we had some questions from regions and players, that we would like to respond to.

Reserved slots for wildcard

We reserved a slot in the wildcard for each region, two for Lexington, and one for the Ladies Army winners.

In each case, these spots are transferable to the next team in line, if a team is unable to make it (or in the event of Lexington volunteer teams, or the Ladies Army winners, already qualified directly for the NAHBPC).

For the Lexington volunteer teams, the club will decide how those spots get divided up.

For the Ladies Army slot, we ask the Ladies Army organisers to decide how that slot is allocated, if the winners are qualified, or cannot attend. We would suggest the next available, non-qualified team in the rankings gets the slot, but leave that decision to the organizers.

We apologize if the wording was in any way taken as a suggestion that the Ladies Army winners would not be able to qualify directly, that was never our intention, we were more than aware than Cunnings Stunts qualified out of Northside last year. The intention was always that we’d keep that slot for another Ladies Army team if this occurred.

NAH Bench teams

While we would like to see only club based teams compete in the NAH Bench, we’ve had some feedback from regions, that they may not have a club who would be willing to travel.

We hope each region will have a bench qualifier, and a club from each will attend, but if a region is unable to organise a bench qualifier, or none of the clubs is willing to travel to the NAH Bench, we would also accept a regional representative team, made up of players from multiple clubs in that region. All the other rules would still apply.

We must emphasize this should only be a last resort.

Image © Sam Bennett.