World Class Polo

geneva whbpc poster

If you start wondering why you haven’t seen your favorite polo player out and about in August, it’s probably because they’re going to the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Geneva!

These are the teams going to compete from North America at Worlds, let’s keep the title of world champs in North America again! Wish your favorite players good luck and try not to take them out too hard at pickup.

Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
The Guardians Dustin Riggs Cody Riggs Julian Aristeo
Crazy Canucks Rory Chris Alex
No Big Deal Kev Ngaihon Maija E
TBD Joey Halvorsen Koyo Maeda Anthony Gallou
TBD Jonny Hunter Pierre Delamare Nick Kruse
BeerPoint Nic B Machine ToBeDetermined
MFPU Eric Crandall Arlyn Bement Jason Stevenson
No Name Shannon Frey McKenzie Hart Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood
Bourbonic Bacon Jake Newborn Chris Simpson Nick Dellwo
Grandma’s Bath Water Aaron Hand Tiffany Morrow Christian Losciale
Put a Beard on it Nate Zach Ace
TBD Chris Hammersley Eric Nick Iwanyshyn
Clobber Politics Ben S Robbie E Joe Panizzo
Beaver Boys Brian Dillman Kremin Joe Burge
TBD Cherri Diego Bob

Have a name for any of the To Be Determined teams going to worlds? Let us know them in the comments.