NAHBPC Results

If you didn’t see all the action in Milwaukee last weekend, we missed the best polo in North America this year! You’ll just have to wait for the videos and pester your friends for details about it. However, if you just want to know how everyone came out, we’ve got the results of the tournament for you.

1st Beaver Boys (Eric, Brian, joeMKE MKE)
2nd Guardians (Cody, Julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd The Means (Chris NYC, Alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
4th Portland United (Arlyn, Jason, Eric PDX)
5th Clobber Politics (Ben, Joe CHI, Robie OTT)
Jagwolves (Koyo, Joey, Scooter SEA)
7th Crusaders of Love (Seabass, Hugo Paris, Leon SEA)
The Game (Christopher ATL, Jason, Sterling SEA)
9th Slab of Bacon (Guthrie, Jake MKE, Nick MPLS)
NickChrisPaul (Nick, Chris LEX, Paul NYC)
Hotdog (Ken, Martin VAN, Henry VIC)
MANTHOUSAND (Chris CHI, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
13th Le Tonnerre de Fer (Matt CHI, Pierre DC, Jonny MAD)
The Walsh Diaries (Kev, Adam, Ngaihon TO)
WEST COAST WARRIORS (Alex, Pistolero LA, Mike SEA)
Crazy Canucks (Rory, Chris, Alex VAN)
17th Synergy (Pelon, Robert ATX, Travis BLM)
Fluffy Ducks (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
The Royals (Chandel., Miguel ATX, Mack NYC)
Put a bird on it (Matt, Sam MAD, Bernadette MKE)
JavierJakeJT (Javier, Jake BOS, JT RVA)
Sweet Treat (Tiffany, Trunks LEX, Rob Paris)
Put A Beard On It (Nate, Ace, Zach NYC)
Mitten Polo (Adam, jon, Piet ARB)
25th Toronto City Bowers (Lewis, Maija, Nick TO)
3rd Times a Charm (Brian CHI, Dustin, Meg MPLS)
My Dixie Wrecked (Rob CHI, Marco Philly, Maxxx SEA)
Border State Bullies (Tim COMO, Jared LEX, Nick STL)

Can’t wait to see how the World Bike Polo Championships play out this year!