NAH endorses the bid of Montpellier for the 2014 WHBPC

NAH endorses the bid of Montpellier for the 2014 WHBPC, but we would like to request a mid-September date. We are aware that August is a holiday period in France, but having such a date means the NAHBPC, and NAHBPC qualifiers need to be so early in the season as to potentially have a negative effect on those competitions. Most WHBPC tournaments have been organised and held outside of vacation times. Having a vacation month prior to a mid-September event date would still provide the key organisational benefits. Ultimately, we will accept the final decision made by Montpellier.

NAH requests that the bid of Timaru, New Zealand be considered for the 2015 WHBPC, rather than 2014, and would likely endorse that bid. But NAH would like to request Timaru investigate whether the court size can be increased. Our recent survey has 60% of respondents requesting 40 x 20 as the minimum court size, which Timaru does not currently meet.

NAH would also start the process to find a host for the 2016 WHBPC, with an expectation that after 2 years elsewhere, it will return to North America.

Please contact if you would like to bid for WHBPC 2016 in North America..