NAH bids farewell to Chandel

This coming season is going to be full of changes, some which we’ve announced and some things still in the works. One very big change, internally, is the exit of the former tournament coordinator Chandel Bodner. If you’ve attended any major tournament, you’ve probably met and interacted with Chandel and know how crucial she has been in her role. She’s written a few words regarding this transition that we’d like to share with you:

It’s not goodbye, it’s really hello!
Thank you to the entire community of bike polo for enduring me as the Tournament Committee Chairperson for the NAH these last 3 or so years. As of this past November, I am no longer representing you in an official capacity. I say this with a very even balance of joy and sadness. It has always meant a lot to me to be giving back to the bike polo family, a group of very unique individuals that always remind me about passion, endurance, and love. The experiences, the people, the stress, the fun, the time, the everything that is a result of my role with NAH is far too much to mention right now, but I will say it all enhanced my life and helped me be a better person. There are also too many of you to list individually. The changing groups of reps, board members, old and new players, and volunteers have all been incredible to work with, thank you! A specific shout out, thank you Ben Schultz for continually believing in, supporting, and understanding me. There aren’t words that describe how amazing you are for polo and how grateful I am to have worked so closely with you.
To the current crew, you’ve all been really progressive and positive, I’m very excited for where bike polo will go now, and happy to watch from the sidelines, and even more excited to go and play in a tournament, not work at it! ;]
I leave you all in the very capable hands of John Hayes, a new local transplant to Toronto, thanks for taking over John!

Thanks everyone! I’ll be focusing my efforts on RYB Denim and playing my heart out!
xx. Chandel

We’d like to wish Chandel the best in her future endeavors. NAH has complete confidence in John Hayes and the others who have stepped up to take on the heavy load of tournament organizing. Please let her know how much you’ve appreciated her efforts!.

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