2022- 2023 NAH Qualifier Series

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As regions announce their Qualifiers, info will be posted on the Qualifying Series page.

Reminder that for all Qualifying Tournaments you must adhere to the following regulations unless your region gets approval for an alternative variation from the NAH Tournament Director (mark@nahardcourt.com):

  1. Follow the current NAH ruleset.
  2. Host using the Squad Format.
  3. Qualified teams shall take greater than 50% (3/5, 4/6) of that team to NAHBPC or else their spot shall be forfeited to the following team from their regional qualifier.
  4. Regional Reps are responsible for delivering names of successful teams to the NAH Tournament Director (date TBD pending NAHBPC).
  5. Regional Reps are required to make very clear to their region how teams will qualify for the NAHBPC.
  6. Qualifiers must be open to players outside of the region, but regions will have restrictions during the first week for “in-region-only registration” followed by open registration. See policy definition of “In-Region” below.
  7. Regions are responsible for collecting their own registration fees. More information about collecting fees with legal and financial protections from NAHBPA.

In-Region Status

A team can have up to 6 players, but can only dress 5 of those players in the squad for any given match. Any given team may declare “In-Region” Once across all 10 Regional Qualifiers(RQ). You are only allowed to register during the “in-region” registration period for the region in which you belong or the majority of your team belongs to! If you want to register in additional qualifiers, you have to do so after the “in-region” window has closed.

So, for example, if you have 3 members from “Region A” and 2 members from “Region B”, you are considered “in-region” in A. If you have 2 from A, 2 from B and 1 from C, you get to declare A or B. Here is a chart to help clarify(if you are unsure please contact the Tournament Director:

**Due to such a high demand for tournament play in 2022 no player will be eligible to play in more than Two(2) Regional Qualifiers across the 2022 RQ series.

Multiple Qualifiers
If you or your team decides to travel to multiple qualifiers you will not be able to register “in-region” twice. You will have to wait for “in-region” registration to pass before attempting to gain a spot in the event. If your team successfully qualifies in both, you must represent the region for which you had “in-region” status. If you only qualify out-of-region, you will represent that region and the points system will allocate points to that region.

Allocation spots to NAHBPC 2023

Regional allocations for the 2022/23 season are official. Below you will find your regions allocations based on a two-court NAHBPC. If the number of courts changes(from 2 to 3), the number of spots awarded will be adjusted accordingly.

NAHBPC 2022/23 Regional allocations:

  • Cascadia (CS): 3
  • South West (SW): 3
  • Eastside (ES): 2
  • Great Plains (GP): 2
  • Mexico (MX): 2
  • Great Lakes (GL): 1 2
  • Heartland (HL): 2 1
  • Northside (NS): 1
  • South East (SE): 1
  • South Central (SC): 1

For questions regarding the schedule, format or allocation, please contact Mark Aseltine directly at mark@nahardcourt.com.

Series Clasificatorias NAH 

En cuanto cada región anuncie sus torneos clasificatorios, la información detallada será publicada en la página de las Series Clasificatorias

Este es un recordatorio de que todos los torneos clasificatorios deberán adherirse a las siguientes reglas, con excepción de que tu región reciba la aprobación para modificar algo del Director de Torneos NAH (mark@nahardcourt.com):

  1. Seguir las reglas del Reglamento NAH
  2. El torneo debe ser en formato Squad.
  3. Los equipos que clasifiquen deberán mantener más del 50% (3/5, 4/6) del equipo original al Torneo Norteamericano (NAHBPC), de caso contrario perderán su lugar y será otorgado al siguiente equipo clasificado.
  4. Los representantes de cada región son responsables de comunicar al Director de Torneos NAH, los nombres de los equipos que han clasificado al Torneo Norteamericano.
  5. Los representantes de cada región deberán comunicar claramente a su región la forma en que los equipos clasifican al Torneo Norteamericano (NAHBPC).
  6. Los torneos Clasificatorios deberán estar abiertos a jugadores que no pertenecen a la región, pero cada región tendrá restricciones. Durante la primera semana de inscripción, solo equipos que pertenecen a la región podrán inscribirse, al finalizar esta semana, la inscripción será abierta a cualquier equipo. 
  7. Cada región es responsable por recolectar cuotas de inscripción. Más información acerca de la recolección de cuotas de inscripción con protección legal y financiera de la NAH aquí. 

Pertenecer a una región

Cada equipo puede tener hasta 6 jugadores, pero sólo 5 pueden jugar cada partido. Cualquier equipo puede declarar que pertenece a una región una vez solamente, y en caso de jugar más de un torneo clasificatorio, los demás deberán hacerlo como equipo fuera de la región. Un equipo pertenece a la región a la cuál la mayoría de sus jugadores pertenecen.

Por ejemplo, si tienes 3 miembros de la “Región A” y 2 miembros de la “Región B”, tu equipo pertenece a la “Región A”.
Si tu equipo tiene 2 miembros de la región A, 2 de la región B y uno de la región C, puedes decidir pertenecer a la región A o B, pero no a ambas. Abajo una tabla para clarificar (si aún tienes dudas, por favor contacta al Director de Torneos NAH):

**Debido a la alta demanda de jugar en torneos durante 2022, ningún jugador podrá jugar más de Dos (2) Torneos Regionales Clasificatorios de las Series Clasificatorias NAH.

Múltiples Torneos Clasificatorios

Si tu o tu equipo deciden viajar y participar en múltiples torneos clasificatorios, podrán inscribir su equipo como perteneciente a una región dos veces. Deberán esperar a que la inscripción para equipos pertenecientes a cada región termine, antes de poder intentar obtener un espacio para jugar en dicho torneo clasificatorio.
Si tu equipo logró clasificar mediante ambos torneos clasificatorios, tu equipo deberá representar la región en la que clasificaron registrados como equipo perteneciente a esa región. Si tu equipo únicamente clasifica como equipo fuera de región, tu equipo representará esa región y el sistema de puntos dará puntos a esa región. 

Distribución de lugares para el Torneo Norteamericano (NAHBPC) 2023

La distribución regional de la temporada 2022/2023 es oficial. Abajo encontrarás los lugares que cada región tendrá, basado en un Torneo Norteamericano con dos canchas. Si el número de canchas cambia (de 2 a 3), el número de lugares que cada región tiene será ajustado (incrementará).

Distribución de Lugares para el Torneo Norteamericano (NAHBPC) 2022/2023:

  • Cascadia (CS): 3
  • Sureste (SW): 3
  • Este (ES): 2
  • Grandes Planos (GP): 2
  • México (MX): 2
  • Grandes Lagos (GL): 1 2
  • Heartland (HL): 2 1
  • Norte (NS): 1
  • Sur Este (SE): 1
  • Sur Centro (SC): 1

Si tienes preguntas relacionadas con el programa, formato o distribución de lugares, por favor contacta a Mark Aseltine directamente vía correo electrónico mark@nahardcourt.com.

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2022-23 NAH Tournament Season Timeline

Dear NAH community, 

In a recent survey, we collected your feedback  for the 2022 – 2023 NAH competitive season  schedule leading up to the 2023 WHBPC in France. We also met with and gathered input from the Regional Representatives. With your and the Regional Reps feedback, we’ve selected Option A, which includes the following schedule:

  • NAH Regional Qualifiers will be held between Sept. 1 – Oct. 31, 2022.
  • The NAHBPC will take place between April 15 – June 15, 2023. 

Overall survey and Regional Rep feedback 

  • Most players preferred Option A (Qualifiers in the fall of 2022 and NAHBPC in the spring of 2023) because it gives players and clubs time to get back in shape, to practice, to get organized after more than a year away from competitive polo due to Covid, and to help grow new players’ skills and get them excited about playing in their Region’s qualifier in the fall. 
  • However, some players from Regions with snow were concerned that Option A — which would host the NAHBPC in spring— won’t give them enough time to practice or compete before they attempt to qualify for the Championship. Because of these concerns, we have extended the window for hosting the NAHBPC into mid-June, pending a search for a venue.

Next Steps

We will work with the Regional Reps to schedule Qualifier dates and locations for 2022 and to find a host city for the 2023 NAHBPC.

If your club is interested in hosting the NAHBPC in late Spring of 2023, please reach out to Mark (mark@nahardcourt.com) to discuss the possibility and to have any of your questions answered.

Coming up in the next month(s), we will send information regarding the following items:

  • Regional allocation for the qualifiers to gain entry to the NAHBPC. 
  • More detail on how NAH plans to prioritize in-region teams and players for their local qualifier. 
  • We will make an official call for bids to host the NAHBPC in spring 2023. 
  • We will announce dates and locations for regional qualifiers as they become available. 

It’s a very exciting time for bike polo in North America and we hope to be able to host many successful and exciting events this year and beyond. Most importantly,we can’t wait to see you all on the court!

For any questions regarding the NAH competitive series including the NAHBPC, please contact Mark Aseltine directly at mark@nahardcourt.com.

For questions regarding your Regional Qualifier please reach out to your rep directly here: https://www.nahardcourt.com/clubs/

Thank you Shannon & welcome, Seema!

We’ve got two big announcements to make!

1) Shannon our Event Director move to Australia to pursue her PhD.
2) We’d like to welcome our new NAH Event Director, Seema!

Read the deets below!

Thank you, Shannon!

Shannon was our Event Director since 2019 but had to step down this year because she moved to Australia to pursue her PhD. She joined the team to help improve the organization and running of the NAH Championship series. One of her big contributions while on the NAH Team was creating the NAH Tournament Handbook, in collaboration with Dan Vee. This Handbook will help clubs more smoothly organize and host NAH Championships.

Congrats Shannon on the move and pursuing your PhD and thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work over the years, we appreciate you and we’ll miss you!

Welcome Seema, our new Event Director!

We’d like to welcome our new NAH Event Director, Seema! Welcome to the team! We’re excited about your energy and all the big ideas you have!

About Seema

Seema was born out West, grew up in the South and spent her college and post college life in the Midwest. She currently resides in Greenville, SC where she looks to revive the Bike Polo club while creating a “How to Start a New Club” guide for other players to utilize.

Seema started playing Bike Polo in 2017 for Lafayette Bike Polo (Lafayette, IN), just 2 months prior to hosting her first Bike Polo Tournament. In the 5 years she has been playing she has hosted the following Bike Polo Events.

  • Riverside Spring Opener (2017)
  • “ Bike Polo Actually has Rules” Workshop (2018)
  • Riverside Spring Opener(2018)
  • Donata Bike Polo: Base Camp (2018)
  • Star City Tournament (2018)
  • Riverside Spring Opener(2019)

During her time in Lafayette, she worked to strengthen the relationship with the local Parks Department which eventually allowed LBP to build a permanent shed on Parks Property to house loaner equipment. Seema also established the club’s non-profit status as a 501(c)3 – Amatuer Spots Club. She was in the process of writing grants and looking to raise funds for future courts to be able to house regional (and possibly worlds) tournaments when covid hit, causing her to close her Venue in Lafayette (which she had for 8 years) and return home to South Carolina.

See now works as a Freelance Event Coordinator and venue consultant specializing in Artist Relations, Hospitality, and Event Logistics for Music Festivals and events that house anywhere between 2,000 to 200,000 people.

Seema hopes to bring to NAH an energetic view to the event experience in the Bike Polo world by offering virtual workshops and assisting clubs in strengthening the relationships between clubs and their local parks departments. She also hopes to help clubs see the positive benefits in hosting bike polo events in their community.

While listed as “Princess Slaya” on podium, she has not been successful in getting the nickname to stick in the polo community. Any help is greatly appreciated 😉

Want to say hi or connect? Send Seema an email at seema@nahardcourt.com

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2022-2023 NAH Season Survey

We just launched a survey for bike polo players who currently live and play in North America (Canada, U.S. and Mexico). The survey will be open until Feb 25th, 2022.

Link to survey: https://bit.ly/3gN89Wj

Each year, the North American Bike Polo Association (NAHBPA) hosts 10 regional qualifiers throughout Canada, United States and Mexico. These qualifying tournaments are referred to as NAH Regional Qualifying Tournaments.

Each of the 10 regions is allocated a certain number of spots to compete in the yearly North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship (NAHBPC).

Due to Covid, we were unable to host these tournaments in 2020 or 2021. We are currently assessing whether we can host these tournaments for the 2022 season. This decision depends on clubs’ capacities to host, how Covid cases and risks impact our ability to keep players and organizers safe, travel restrictions and other ongoing Covid related issues. 

This survey is collecting feedback on a number of proposed 2022 & 2023 NAH Championship series timelines. We would like to gather NAH player and club feedback to help inform our decisions. In addition, we also are collecting information about what kind of Covid precautionary measures would make you feel safe and then general information. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding this survey, please contact jennifer@nahardcourt.com or mark@nahardcourt.com

Below are the timeline options that are included in the survey:

Option A

Description of option A (see table below for timeline):

  • NAH Regional Qualifiers hosted by and for each region from Aug.- Nov. 2022
  • NAHBPC Hosted by the NAH with a TBD partner host club from Apr. –  May. 2023
  • WHBPC Hosted by the EHBA in France, Aug. 2023

Pros: provides time for most recent Covid Omnicon surge cases to possibly come down and gives clubs time to plan for tournaments and implement Covid precaution measures in case of new variants, new Covid guidelines, etc. 

Cons: It leaves a large gap of time between the Regional Qualifiers and the NAHBPC

Option B

Description of option B (see table below for timeline):

  • NAH Regional Qualifiers hosted by and for each region from July-Aug 2022 
    • *backup plan in case of Covid surge would shift Qualifiers to later in season, Sept. 2022
  • NAHBPC Hosted by the NAH with a TBD partner host club from Oct.-Dec. 2022
    • **backup plan in case of Covid surge would shift NAHBPC to April 2023
  • WHBPC Hosted by the EHBA in France Aug 2023

Pros: provides plenty of flexibility in the timeline to allow for adjustments if we see new COVID surges and risks, travel restrictions, etc.

Cons: it potentially leaves a large gap of time between the NAHBPC and the WHBPC.

Option C

Description of option C (see table below for timeline):


  • NAH Regional Qualifiers hosted by and for each region from Apr. – May 2022 
  • NAHBPC Hosted by the NAH with a TBD partner host club from Sept.-Dec. 2022


  • NAH Regional Qualifiers hosted by and for each region from Apr.-May 2023
  • NAHBPC Hosted by the NAH with a TBD partner host club from June 2023
  • WHBPC Hosted by the EHBA in France, Aug, 2023

Pros: has a more traditional NAH tournament schedule with lots of tournament competition. 

Cons: It does not allow any flexibility for COVID complications/surges or travel restrictions. It leaves a very tight turnaround time to plan for a trip to France after the 2023 WHBPC.


La encuesta es para jugadorxs que actualmente residen y juegan en Norteamérica (Canadá, Estados Unidos y México).

Link to survey: https://bit.ly/3gN89Wj

Cada año, la Asociación Norteamericana de Bici Polo (NAHBPA) tiene 10 torneos clasificatorios regionales a lo largo de Canadá, Estados Unidos y México. Dichos torneos clasificatorios son denominados Torneos Regionales Clasificatorios para el Norteaméricano.

A cada una de las 10 regiones se le asigna un número determinado de lugares para poder competir en el Torneo Norteamericano de Bici Polo en superficie dura (NAHBPC) que se lleva a cabo anualmente. 

Debido a la pandemia de COVID, dicho torneo no ha podido suceder en los años de 2020 y 2021. Actualmente estamos analizando si será posible llevar a cabo los Torneos Regionales Clasificatorios y el Torneo Norteamericano en la temporada 2022. Esta decisión está basada en la capacidad de los clubes para ser anfitriones y de mantener a los jugadores y organizadores seguros,  el número de casos de COVID, restricciones de viaje y otras situaciones que puedan suscitarse relacionadas a la pandemia. 

Esta encuesta tiene como objetivo recolectar tu opinión acerca de las opciones que proponemos para la serie de Torneos Regionales Clasificatorios y el Torneo Norteamericano de la temporada 2022-2023. La retroalimentación recibida por jugadores y clubes guiará las decisiones de la temporada. Además, también queremos saber qué tipo de medidas de precaución relativas a COVID te hacen sentir seguro.

Opción A

Descripción de la opción A (ver la tabla de abajo):

  • Torneos regionales Clasificatorios que se lleven a cabo de Agosto a Noviembre 2022.
  • Torneo Norteamericano de Bici polo (NAHBPC), organizado por la NAH y un club anfitrión de Abril a Mayo 2023.
  • Mundial de Bici Polo (WHBPC), organizado por la Asociación Europea de Bici Polo en superficie dura en Francia durante Agosto 2023.

Pros: provee tiempo para que los casos de COVID Omicrón disminuyen, mientras los clubes tienen tiempo para planear torneos y definir las medidas de precaución contra COVID. 

Contras: Hay un intervalo de tiempo considerable entre el Torneo Norteamericano y el Mundial.

Opción B

Descripción de la Opción B (ver la tabla de abajo)

  • Torneos regionales Clasificatorios que se lleven a cabo de Julio a Agosto 2022.
    • *En caso de que los casos de COVID incrementen, los torneos se llevarían a cabo en Septiembre de 2022.
  • Torneo Norteamericano de Bici polo (NAHBPC), organizado por la NAH y un club anfitrión, de Octubre a Diciembre 2022.
    • *En caso de que los casos de COVID incrementen, el torneo norteamericano se llevaría a cabo en Abril 2023.
  • Mundial de Bici Polo (WHBPC), organizado por la Asociación Europea de Bici Polo en superficie dura en Francia, durante Agosto 2023.

Pros: Provee suficiente flexibilidad en caso de necesitar ajustar fechas de torneos por si  los casos de COVID incrementan y existan restricciones de viaje. 

Contras: Existe la posibilidad de que haya un intervalo de tiempo considerable entre el Torneo Norteamericano y el Mundial. 

Opción C

Descripción de la Opción C (ver la tabla de abajo)


  • Torneos regionales Clasificatorios que se lleven a cabo de Abril a Mayo 2022.
  • Torneo Norteamericano de Bici polo (NAHBPC), organizado por la NAH y un club anfitrión, de Septiembre a Diciembre de 2022.


  • Torneos regionales Clasificatorios que se lleven a cabo de Abril a Mayo 2023.
  • Torneo Norteamericano de Bici polo (NAHBPC), organizado por la NAH y un club anfitrión, en Junio de 2023.
  • Mundial de Bici Polo (WHBPC), organizado por la Asociación Europea de Bici Polo en superficie dura en Francia, durante Agosto 2023.

Pros: ésta opción tiene un calendario más tradicional y brinda múltiples torneos en qué competir.

Contras: No brinda flexibilidad alguna en caso de surgir complicaciones por COVID como restricciones de viaje. Esta opción brinda muy poco tiempo para planear un viaje al Mundial de Francia en 2023.

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Update on the 10th World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

The World Bike Polo Organising Committee recently discussed hosting the 10th World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that has disrupted the world for the past two years.

The results of the discussions are as follows:

  • The host city will remain Perpignan in France. They have told us that they are ready and willing to host when the Covid-19 situation allows
  • The 10th WHBPC will be held in 2023 at the earliest. This is because of the continuing uncertainty surrounding international travel, and the desire of regions to have time to re-establish their normal seasons and qualifiers.

If you have questions get in touch with the World Bike Polo Organising Committee, contact info below:

Últimas Noticias sobre el Décimo Mundial de Bicipolo

El Comité Mundial Organizador de Bicipolo se reunió para discutir acerca del Décimo Mundial de Bicipolo ya que la pandemia Covid-19 ha afectado a todo el mundo durante los últimos dos años.

Los resultados de dicha discusión son los siguientes:

  • La ciudad anfitriona seguirá siendo Perpiñán, Francia. El club ha comunicado estar preparadxs y dispuestxs tan pronto la situación relativa a la pandemia de covid-19 lo permita
  • El Décimo Mundial de Bicipolo tomará lugar en el año de 2023. Está decisión está basada en la continua incertidumbre relacionada a los viajes internacionales y en que las regiones han expresado necesitar tiempo para organizar y re establecer la temporada de clasificatorios.

Si tienen dudas o preguntas, les invitamos a contactar el Comité Mundial Organizador de Bicipolo:

Ai Tanaka
Member of the Japanese Bike Polo Association

Australia/New Zealand
Nick Dixon-Wilmshurst
Canberra representative on the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Association

Gernot Gruber aka. Django
Member of the European Hardcourt Bikepolo Association

Latin America
Vero Enríquez Ruiz
Member of the Latin American Bike Polo Association

North America
Mark Aseltine
NAH Tournament Director