2018 NAHBPC Bids Due April 15th!



The NAH is now collecting bid information from clubs interested in hosting the 2018 NAHBPC.  This year we are providing start-up funds (up to $2,275.00 USD!) to help ensure the best quality event possible and to encourage quality bid submissions.  Read more about this year’s Regional Qualifiers and Continental Championship here.

Here is a quick breakdown of the money we will be offering up to a host club looking to take on this years event:

$500 Winning bid (two courts)
$300 Additional Courts (for each additional court) max 4
$75/court Lights (until at least 10pm) to a maximum of $225
$50/court Court Access (symmetrical squad ready doors) to a maximum of $150
$100/court Reffing facilities (elevated, covered stands with functional scoreboards)
50% contribution Free Food (match costs on food, snacks, beverages) max $100/day
$5/Game Refereeing (for every game in the tournament we will front $5 for reffing)

These are the financial perks we will be offering up to the host of the 2018 NAHBPC. This along with the support from our team and the skills of past tournament organizing, we feel any club in the NAH has the ability to take this on and we encourage you to submit a bid. Interested hosts should consider how else they would fundraise for the NAHBPC in conjunction with NAH funds. It is okay if your club cannot provide all details now.  Submit what you plan to provide and qualify what you can commit to provide and what you seek to provide.  Additional review and work between the host and the NAH may result in additional funding if additional features are added. Bids should be submitted via email (mark@nahardcourt.com) with the documents provided here.  It is okay if your club cannot provide all details now.  Submit what you plan to provide and qualify what you can commit to provide and what you seek to provide.  Additional review and work between the host and the NAH may result in additional funding if additional features are added.

The 2018 NAHBPC should be held no earlier than September 21st and no later than October 22, 2018. If you would like to host outside of this time window, please contact the NAH Tournament Organiser to discuss the feasibility.

If you have any questions about this year’s qualification series and the championship, email mark@nahardcourt.com

Other Items

REF PAYMENTS:  Over the weekend, the NAH reviewed all available documents from the 2017 WHBPC to pay referees.  Some documents were damaged and/or lost which delayed the process.  We apologize for the delay on closing out this effort, and thank everyone who helped.  We are currently collecting emails, and will be sending out contact info so that we can PayPal you for your work.  Keep an eye out in your inbox!  If you wish, you may reject your payment and donate it to one of three initiatives/causes:

  1. Support to San Juan Puerto Rico Bici Polo Club players (cash to the club for them to use however they see fit)
  2. NAH Incorporation Fund (money to be used to help clubs register/incorporate in their state/providence or towards non-profit status)
  3. 2018 WTF-FRST Scholarship Fund

WTF-FRST: We are already into 2018, and are looking to help WTF-FRST raise more money this year to support the community and promote diversity, growth, and competition!  If you’d like to donate to this initiative, PayPal your donation to treasurer@nahardcourt.com with a note that says “WTF-FRST”!

If you have any questions about WTF-FRST, email genderinpolo@gmail.com 

2018 North American Bike Polo

Happy belated new year to all!  We hope you’re enjoying your winter, and maybe (weather permitting) finding some time to play polo!

The NAH wants to give you a rundown of some of our initiatives for the end of winter into spring, as well as introduce some new team members!  We also know that everyone is eager to know what this season will look like, and we can report some early details to help you in your bike polo season planning and scheduling!


WTF-FRST – One of the things we were most proud of in 2017 was working with WTF-FRST to get six bike polo scholarships out to WTF athletes to assist in their development and competitive season!  In 2018, we intend to continue the program, and with the generous contributions from the bike polo community, we hope to exceed our previous year!

Going Official – The NAH is a registered corporation in the District of Columbia that is tax exempt due to its 501(c)3 status.  This was the primary feature that let us bid for the money we needed to put on the WHBPC stream last year!  This taught us a lot, but it also got use thinking about what kinds of more formal and official structures that could be established at the local level so that clubs could take advantage of public funds and non-profit status to build infrastructure.  What we’ve seen in the past is often a club will have a PayPal account that is in reality simply a member’s private account.  This is a good vehicle for collecting funds, but if that person was audited by the IRS, they might have a very bad time proving they didn’t owe back taxes.  For these reasons and more, the NAH has a new initiative to get clubs to formally incorporate so that they also have legal and financial protections.  This initiative in 2018 will consist of a series of documents on how to do this, but may additionally include some limited financial support for the associated processing fees that the state will collect.

Grants – Building off the last initiative, we’ve brought on a new team member to search publicly listed grants that clubs might be able to use for tournaments or infrastructure development.  Anyone who has been around for a while and worked on polo development knows that this is the biggest thing holding us back.

The NAH Team

Alias Tagami – President, Governor, Treasurer

Mark Aseltine – Tournament Director

Kayla Story – Outreach Director [NEW]

Joe Rstom – Rules Director, Head Ref

Megan Shoop – Grants & Public Programs Coordinator [NEW]

Adam Hite – Web Development

Alyssa Johnes – Graphic Design [NEW]

Jennifer Spencer – Social Media Director

Will Robbins – Reffing Consultant

2018 NAH Schedule

The details as of today are few, but we can tell you that we plan to have a later season than the previous year.  This is in part due to only hosting one major, the NAHBPC.  As with each year we try to constrain the NA championship to some later point in the year then work backwards in season planning.  We want all region qualifiers to be finished with eight weeks to spare before NAs.  This provides some time for teams to plan and save money.  We will continue to use the Squad format.

Who will host RQs?  The RQs have always been the responsibility of the regions to coordinate and plan.  The NAH’s position remains as it has in previous years, once regional allocations of teams are published, we leave it to the regions to decide how they will send their teams.  We know that each region has different challenges in coordinating and hosting, so we hope to see creative leadership from clubs and NAH Regional Reps.

Who will host NAs?  We’ve had some rumors fly around, but we will introduce a place to submit bid info next month.  This year the NAH will do something different.  We will provide starter funds for the host club.  These starter funds increase with the number of criteria the host bid fulfills (e.g., More money if the host is providing three courts versus two).  Expect to see a post on this topic to come soon in the next weeks.

2017 was an incredible year for North American bike polo.  But before we get too far into 2018, we’d like to thank a few people and groups in particular.  First a foremost, the hosts of the WHBPC, Lexington Bike Polo.  We could not have made it happen without the generous contribution from our sponsor Kentucky for Kentucky and the generous public grant from the Kentucky Department of Tourism!  Special thanks to Broomwagan Coffee & Bikes, West Sixth Brewing, County Club, and numerous other local businesses who helped make players from around the world have the greatest time in Lexington.  We had lots of other sponsors pour in prizes for the WHBPC as well like Pake and RYB Denim.  Rustbelt Welding provided trophies for the NAHBPC and WHBPC.  We want to also thank Lancaster United Bike Polo and DC Bike Polo for their work on the NAHBPC.  We’d like to thank all of the hosts of the regional qualifiers. We couldn’t have done without you!

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to help us on the year or if you’d like to get more involved, email Alias (alias@nahardcourt.com).

Polling: WHBPC Visitors to Lexington

If you’re coming to the WHBPC, we need some information from you!  The more information we have, the better the NAH and Lexington Bike Polo will be able to make your visit excellent.  Please note that there are two forms:

Player Form

Non-Player Form

We are collecting information for shirts, volunteers, refs, and arrival/departure dates.  Please help us share and collect this information!  The WHBPC is just a month away!  Get excited!

2017 NAHBPC Squad List

The NAH is proud to announce the squads for the 2017 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship!

Bob Ross – (C) Sterling Quinn, Kouyo Maeda, Nick McLean, Chris Hammersly, Jessi Connors
Crunchy – (C) Aaron Hand, Pete Abram, Gavin Thurston, Diego Ayala, David Barthod

The Control – (C) Andrew Weyland, Eric Stahl David, Forrest Timonere, Jacki Rust, Bruce Wahl
Wade Boggs’ Corndawgs – (C) Chandel Bodner, Stiven Jaramillo, Matthew Upmeyer, Jody Beavers, Alex Ciancimino

Ghost Ship – (C) Tony White, Kayla Story, David Frankhouser, Kaleb Christian, Peter Brown
Edmund Fitzgerald – (C) Travis Davies, Adam Say, Sergio Andres Pineda, Ben Hunter, Rob Glatfelter, Tiffany Morrow

Judgment – (C) Arnold Francisco, Shelley Smith, Bernadette Watts, Tyler Ferris, Addison Minott
Rat Queen – (C) Nate Mumford, Zack Blackburn, Erica Compton, Jennifer Kutzleb, Nico Millard

Great Lakes
Abracadabra – (C) Zack Reuter, Matt Bobel, The Betsy, Caleb Trujillo, Mark Frens
The Hardwoods – (C) Seth Carlson, Tyler Wildman, Dylan Carlson, Flynn Carlson, Matt Bolenbaugh
*Wildcard – (C) Thanh Nguyen, Sean Weber, Jan Dolo, Tommy Olsen, James Detlef

South Central
Bandits – (C) Andy Hill, Charles Fox, Kody Day, Zack Hollandsworth, David Torres

Great Plains
Mosquito – (C) Will Robbins, Daren McLean, Andrea Cessna, Nick Dellwo, Greg Rooke, Sean Marsh

Ursa Minor – (C) Bob Delgado, Jimmy Gunderson, Kyle Buonocore, Danny Wood, Graham Notestine, Melanie Annis
*Pan Rabbit – (C) Emma Breen, Matt Krofcheck, Mike Blu, Jason Farthing, Sergei Max Hubscher Cook

Low Key Hugs – (C) Wes Bartlett, Jon McPherson, Justin Bella, Charles Reinagel, Meghan, Ryan

Annunakis – (C) Raúl Mendoza, Flavia Leguizamon, Yair Romero, Pablo Enriquez, Omar Rosas, Kevin Gamboa
*Cámara No Me Awuito – (C) Kevin Eder, Angel Torres, Omayra Bolanos, Joe Rstom, James Frick-Tordella

(C) – Squad Captain
* – Squad entered by open registration


For more information on the NAHBPC go to the official event page:  http://nahbpc17.com/


2017 WTF-FRST Scholarship Announcement


NAH is proud to introduce WTF-FRST (Women/Trans/Femme Financial Resource for Skills and Training), a scholarship to assist outstanding WTF players in attending tournaments! This fund was conceived of by Krista Carlson of LA Bike Polo, and founded by Sarah Livingston of Portland Bike Polo and Shannon Frey of East Van Bike Polo.  We are proud to be working with them to see this initiative born in this exciting year of North American bike polo!

For 2017, two scholarships will be awarded to up-and-coming players who wish to attend Fixcamp, and two will be awarded to players competing in either the NAHBPC or WHBPC. Applicants will be evaluated on their need, commitment, goals, and contributions back to the WTF polo community.

Fixcamp Development Scholarship (2 winners)

  • Applications are now being accepted until March 31: English | Spanish

  • Scholarship winners will be announced April 15.

NAHBPC/WHBPC Travel Scholarship (2 winners)

  • Applications for the NAHBPC/WHBPC Scholarship will be open from May 1 until May 15.

  • Scholarship winners will be announced May 30.

Our kick-off donation campaign will run through March 31, during which time we hope to raise $2000 for our inaugural scholarships.

Get involved!

  1. Follow the WTF-FRST on Facebook and Instagram

  2. Donate to the fund: paypal.me/nahardcourt

  3. Throw an event supporting the fund!

  4. Tell your WTF teammates, clubmates, and friends about the fund, and encourage them to apply.

  5. Join the selection committee. The selection committee will be made up of 3-5 WTF players from various regions, all of whom are ineligible to apply for the scholarship in 2017 or 2018. Contact genderinpolo@gmail.com for more information.

Here’s to a more gender diverse bike polo in 2017 and beyond!

If you have any questions about NAH outreach initiatives, please email jennifer@nahardcourt.com

If you have any questions about the WTF-FRST scholarships, please email genderinpolo@gmail.com

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