WHBPC Livestream Watch Parties

WHBPC Livestream – Watch Party Support & Giveaway

NAHBPA and Lexington Bike Polo are proud to announce we are producing a high-quality livestream of the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship on October 6th and 7th on the NAH YouTube channel – at no charge to the viewer and free of external advertising. Our hope is that clubs, family and friends around the world to be able to enjoy the livestream and show their support. Our goal is to document the event for players to consume and learn, to amplify and grow the sport with a broader audience, and to allow players around the world to share in the experience. To this end, we are asking for your help and support.

There are two ways in which you can help:

  • Setup a watch party for your club at a local establishment. A bike shop, coffee shop or bar/restaurant that has a YouTube capable television / projector. If you can identify this establishment, we will provide artwork for flyers to promote the watch party for you to print, and we can assist in coordinating with the venue for food/drink specials, etc.
  • Participate in our fundraising efforts for the livestream by purchasing raffle tickets for a dedicated online raffle. We are asking for $5 from individuals for 1 ticket, or $50 from an official watch party for 10 tickets. The online raffle will be conducted separately from the raffle happening at the tournament, so watch parties are guaranteed to win the 3 prizes below!

What do you get for participating in the raffle?

  • Your name / club name / venue will be mentioned by commentators both days on the livestream.
  • Your name / club name / watch party venue will be listed as a supporter alongside sponsors on at least one game to be posted on YouTube after the event has concluded.
  • You will be entered in a drawing for 3 prizes*:
    • 1st Prize: Limited-edition custom WHBPC Pake Bourbon Chaser bike polo frameset
    • 2nd Prize: Gift Certificate Package, T-Shirt, Hat, Can Coozie
    • 3rd Prize: T-Shirt, Hat, Can Coozie
  • *Winners will be drawn before the final game. Prizes will be delivered after the tournament has concluded

Your support would mean that we can provide this livestream free of advertisements and continue the legacy of community driven event organizing that makes bike polo what it is. Please contact joe@nahardcourt.com to discuss how to setup a watch party in your city and receive the artwork, but most importantly you should use the donation buttons below to enter in the raffle.

$5 – 1 Raffle Entry

$50 – 10 Raffle Entries