The Means take the 2013 NAH Eastside Qualifier

This past weekend, Boston hosted the NAH Eastside Qualifier, the first on our 2013 NAH Qualifier Series. Sunday night’s final match found The Means (Nick Vaughn, Alexis Mills, Chris Roberts) pitted against DGT (Rob Biddle, Jake Mazonson, Jon Lomax) in the final game. The Means emerged victorious with a decisive 5-1 win over DGT. Rounding out the podium was White Fang, an all-Boston team comprised of Javier Garcia-Albea, Addison Minott, James Lavenson.

Big thanks to the Boston crew who hosted and to all of the sponsors who helped make the event possible, especially DZR shoes, Naragansett, St. Cago Polo Works! Thanks also go out to our 2013 NAH Qualifier Series partners Fixcraft, Podium, and Urban Velo.

Up next: The NAH Southwest Qualifier in Fresno, CA the weekend of April 20-21. Follow the tournament at


NAH Eastside Qualifier – Final Results

  • 1st The Means (Chris NYC, alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
  • 2nd D G T (Jake BOS, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
  • 3rd White Fang (James, Javier BOS, Addison SEA)
  • 4th Philly (brendan, Tommy, Peter Philly)
  • 5th Los Or!gianls (WERM, Jt, Baby ?)
  • 5th Magic Toast (nate, Zach, Paul NYC)
  • 7th Shart Bus Sharties (Sean NYC, sara, TuckerW Philly)
  • 7th thinly sliced cabbage (PippaRose BOS, Zack, Robby BTV)
  • 9th It’s A Trap!!! (shane DUB, Stephen NYC, Charles RVA)
  • 9th Jeffrey Gerhart (JOHNNY ?, Joshua, D_NOLA NYC)
  • 9th Mini-Bosses (GUS BOS, Tommy, Chombo! NYC)
  • 9th Mountin’ Dewds (zac, nick, Tyler BOS)
  • 13th Baby Snatching Eagles (Eric, Kevin, Sean DC)
  • 13th S.O.S. (Shelley CHS, Andrew NYC, Kyle PGH)
  • 13th Cole + H J (Howell, Cole BOS, John LDN)
  • 13th Legumes (Nico, greg, Megan PGH)
  • 17th Underwear Dance Party (Ali CHO, Jessi LEX, Jamelyn SAC)
  • 17th Polo Bears (Alan, Mars, jeff BOS)
  • 17th BURN CREAM (Deco, Kayleigh NYC, Pedro RIO)
  • 17th Black Ribbon Bicycle Crew-Bangor, ME (Christopher, Ray, J.P. BGR)