NAHBPC 2014 Registration, Qualifier Results & Club Leaderboard

NAHBPC 2014 Registration

Once teams have qualified, they must register for the NAHBPC to be able to compete.

Registration will use Podium, and can be found here:

Any teams who have not yet qualified will be rejected, and will need to re-register if and when they do qualify.

Registration will be $123 per team ($41 per player). Of this $120 will go to the NAHBPC organisers, with the rest covering transaction fees.

All teams must be successfully registered and paid for by Sat 21st June. After this any regions not using their full quota will lose their slots, and have them reallocated to other regions.

Regional slots will be allocated to the top teams at their qualifier. To claim those slots at least ⅔ of the players in the team at the qualifier must register for the NAHBPC. In the event a team choses not to take their slot, it will pass down to the next team in the qualifier (with the same ⅔ rule). Where two teams have the same finishing position in the elimination, the highest finishing position from the swiss rounds will be the deciding factor.

If none of the existing teams can claim the slot, then a team formed of at least 2 players who played in the qualifier can apply to their regional rep to take the slot. Priority will be given to teams who have the highest placed player at the qualifier.

Regional Qualifier Results

As results from each region come in, they will be posted here. Please check back after each qualifier to see which teams are currently eligible to register for NAHBPC 2014.

South Central Qualifier
  • 1stLos Cuatreros Unidos (Miguel, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
  • 2ndBecome Honor (Zach ATX, Diego, David HOU)
  • 3rdSpoke’n Hot Mess (Bob, Greg, Kaylasagne ATX)
  • 4thFidna (Brandon, todd DEN, Nathan HOU)
South East Qualifier
  • 1stGinyu Force (Christopher, Arnold, Del Gato TLH)
  • 2ndlarry hoover (Jake FTM, Sergio LEX, Kyle TLH)
  • 3rdDauphins (Jacques, Kevin, Bernard MOLO)
Mexico Qualifier
  • 1stNino Dios (Ignacio, Yair, Raul GDL)
  • 2ndHermanos Korioto (Pablo, Omar, Pelon GDL)
  • 3rdThe Means (Chris NYC, Tex OTT, Nick RVA)
Great Plains Qualifier
  • 1stMosquito (Will, Daren, Duane SKN)
  • 2ndPassless Chaps (Dave, JB, Zach WPG)
  • 3rdAegis Burn (Gregory, Joshua, Andrea SKN)
Cascadia Qualifier
  • 1stThe Guardians (Cody, Julian, Dustin SEA)
  • 2ndThe Ringers (Nick Philly, Redbeard SEA, Pierre SF)
  • 3rdThe Assassins (Joe, kouyo, Evan SEA)
  • 4thThe Cucumbers (jake, scooter, Sterling SEA)
  • 5thPortland United (Arlyn, pete, Eric PDX)
  • 5thProspectors (Air In Hand, Fletcher, BYD PDX)
  • 7thWarriors (Sean, Elijah, Stiven SEA)
  • 7thFear itself (Jess, JT SEA, Henry VAN)
  • 9thHurt Feelings (Tall George, Tippi, Jeff VAN)
  • 9thFamily (Jason, Martin, Brooke VAN)
  • 9thSweethearts (Maxxx, Leon, tony SEA)
Southwest Qualifier
  • 1stBeavers (Brian, Eric, Joey SF)
  • 2ndThe Control (Shitty, Forrest, Ace SF)
  • 3rdTreat Street (ryan CLE, Pistolero LA, Ruckus SF)
  • 4ththe taint sabers (Jody, Matthias pepper, nicolas SF)
Heartland Qualifier
  • 1stLos Tranquilos (Mags, Charlie COMO, Hams LEX)
  • 2ndThree Bucks (Peter, David CBUS, Eric LEX)
  • 3rdHustle and Muscle (Chris CIN, porch, James LEX)
  • 4thNatives (Travis BLM, Stas Indy, Thomas LAF)
  • 5thTwice Removed (Thomas CIN, Lou, Bob CLE)
Eastside Qualifier
  • 1stRatking (Natred, Zach NYC, Dirkbag TO)
  • 2ndWhite Fang (Fang, Jake, Fang BOS)
  • 3rdPHL Polo (brendan, Peter, Mark Philly)
  • 4thArsenal (Jonathan CHI, Horse LNS, Rob Philly)
  • 5thNASA (Alias, Alex DC, greg PGH)
  • 5thThe Holy Ghost (Tyler, zac, Nick BOS)
Great Lakes Qualifier
  • 1st Brigands (Adam ARB, Sam MPLS, Julien MTP)
  • 2nd Milwaukee, Eh? (Matt, shaggy, Jordan MKE)
  • 3rd waterwolves (Zack, Tom, Ben MKE)
  • 4th 85 Bears (Chris, Megan, Goldmiller CHI)
Northside Qualifier
  • 1st Triple Deke (Kevin, Shane, Ngaihon TO)
  • 2nd Journeymen (Allan, Robbie OTT, Nick TO)
  • 3rd Polosophes (Paul, Franck, Olivier MTL)
  • 4th Significant Budzies (John, Nick, Eric TO)
  • 5th Valley Boys (Luke, Seamus, Brodie OTT)

Current Club Bench Leaderboard

Here is the final Club Leadboard for the Bench Championship.


San Francisco, CA 277
Seattle, WA 242
Portland, OR 160
Toronto, ON 95
Austin, TX 86
Saskatoon, SK 73
Tallahassee, FL 71
Milwaukee, WI 62
Boston, MA 53
Lexington, KY 53
New York, NY 50
Philadelphia, PA 50