North American Championships 2013!

It is with great pleasure, and with sincere apology for this delayed posting, that I announce the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in 2013 will be held by the Minneapolis, MN bike polo club!!!! Dates are AUGUST 16-18

The location is a fabulous professional sports facility, one of the worlds best speed skating locations,
This is the same location as the Midwest Open last October 13-14.
They are fortunate enough to have the early committed support of Penn Cycle, a local company that is sponsoring much, if not all, of the boards for the additional courts. The Oval has been secured and these dates will not change.
There are 3 courts to play on and a possibly smaller warm up/pick up court as well. There is plenty of space to pass the ball around, or play knife fights, or whatever your hearts desire. This is great for the 48 teams and means fluid days with early endings /pick up after, and rest for those that really want it/need it in competing further.

The facility is capable of providing lighting, electrical hook ups, wifi, large restroom and resting areas, indoors, and great court surface! A world class facility. They also have a regular live feed [you can watch the track all the time haha, check their website] and there are big plans in the works, I’m sure, from the crew, as it is in their backyards!! They can talk more about that on their own.

The support behind this group is spread throughout their entire club, the midwest region, and the NAH tournament committee. I am so much more than confident in this group and am looking forward to seeing more of the details and ideas they have going as I’m sure we all do. The club, having just thrown a very success Midwest Open have more experience and have a great advantage in planning this right now.

Keep your eyes peeled for their own announcements in the very near future!

Also, the NA’s promo video is up! Included below just to get you extra amped for this year! (insert vimeo link)”.