New NAH President Announcement

We’re happy to announce that Jennifer Spencer is the new NAH President. Regional Reps cast their votes on December 17th, 2018 and Jenny won the required majority of votes. All reps who voted, voted “Yes” to her assuming the role of President. Regional Reps were asked to connect with their region’s Club Reps to garner feedback from their region’s players to inform their vote.

NAH has a lot of work ahead and Jenny is excited to collaborate with the Regions, the Regional Reps and the NAH team to create a stronger organization (through planning, strategizing and hard work) that can deliver the polo experience many players are asking for and desire. In addition, NAH will work to create better transparency and communication with the players it represents.

In addition to taking on the NAH President position, Jenny will join Mark Aseltine, the NAH Tournament Director, as the International Representatives for North America in the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Organizing Committee (WHBPOC). They will be working with other international reps, two from each region of the world, to facilitate the organization of the World Championship slated for 2019 in Argentina.

In addition to working with the WHBPOC, Jenny is excited to work and collaborate with the international bike polo community in the future to learn from each other, develop and share ideas and resources, grow the sport and create professional, fun and competitive bike polo tournaments and other events.

Jenny would like to encourage folks in the bike polo community to get involved with NAH. She will be posting a list of projects NAH is spearheading and needs help completing in the following weeks. Please stay tuned and get ready to get involved in growing and developing bike polo!

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