It is not an easy thing to build a continental sports organization from scratch. From the first coffee table and Skype meetings to the structure NAH has today has been a massive transition, and it’s an evolution that is still in the very early stages. As the next step into the future, NAH is happy to share the following organizational chart of leadership and contact sheet for player input.

Have a question? NAH’s representatives, officers, and committee heads are just an email away! General questions should be directed to your regional email address (i.e., while more specific question can be directed to the committees (i.e.


  • President: TBD
  • Governor, Treasurer: Alias Tagami –
  • Tournament Director: Mark Aseltine –
  • Outreach Director: Kayla Story –
  • Rules Director: TBD
  • Referee Coordinator: TBD
  • Grants & Public Programs Coordinator: Megan Shoop –
  • Web Development & Social Media: Adam Hite –
  • Designer: Alyssa Johnes –
  • Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer Spencer –

Regional Representatives

  • Cascadia Rep: Sean Marsh (SEA) –
  • Eastside Rep: Shelley Smith (NYC) –
  • Great Lakes Rep: Tony White (MAD) –
  • Great Plains Rep: Robson Blair (SKS) –
  • Heartland Rep: Cara Notestine (MEM) –
  • Mexico Rep: Kevin Eder (MEX) –
  • Northside Reps: Gavin Simmons-Feigel (OTT) –
  • South Central Rep: Adam Neese (HOU) –
  • South East Rep: Gabriel Tong (GNV) –
  • South West Rep: Eryn Sacro (SLC) –

Former Team Members

  • Ben Schultz – Founder, President
  • Kev Walsh – Co-Founder
  • John Hayes – Tournaments, Organization
  • Chandel Bodner – Tournaments, Organization
  • Eric Ransom – Treasurer
  • Andrea Cessna – Outreach
  • Joe Rstom – Rules Director
  • Will Robbins – Referee Coordinator