NAH Bench Schedule

So, to explain how the schedule will work. There are two groups of 6 teams. Every team will play every other team in their group, 4 games on Saturday, 1 on Sunday morning.

Group A and B will alternate. Games are 1 hour long, and rounds will start every 90 minutes. Those 30 minutes between the end of one game, and the next (minus any time wastage), are for the next team to get on court, and warm up. Don’t turn up when your game is meant to start, and expect to be able to practice. Be there 30 minutes before.

9am: Group A
10:30am: Group B
12pm: Group A
1:30pm: Group B
3pm: Group A
4:30pm: Group B
6pm: Group A
7:30pm: Group B
8:30pm: Pickup and Party

9am: Group B
10:30am: Group A*
12pm: QF 1 & 2
1:30pm: QF 3 & 4
3pm: SF 1 & 2
4:30pm: Final
6pm: Awards

*After this, one court will be available for pickup/spectating. The top 4 teams of each group will play the single elim.

Ties will be allowed in the group stage. In the elim, any tied games will have 10 minute overtime periods. Team must be ready to play at the start times. If you have 3 players there, you play, no waiting for the entire squad to turn up. If you are late, goals will be awarded every 3 minutes, up to a total of 20-0. If both teams are late, the game will simply become shorter. If you have more than 7 players in your squad, you must notify the ref of your 7 players before the game starts..

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