The future of NAH Referee Certification

In an effort to advance the education of the rules for players and the confidence of referees, we have developed a site that will provide learning materials and testing capabilities to be used for the NAH Referee Certification system. This is our first effort and only an initial step in developing a final product. We will continue to produce these materials and refine the tests over this season. The NAH Referee Certification will feature questions in multiple choice, short-answer, and essay-style form. Because the site is capable of embedding video right into the course material, certain essay-style questions will feature real-life situations that test critical thinking and application of the rules.

If you would like to contribute to creating these course materials please use the contact form located here. One specific task we need help with is pinpointing fouls in videos so we can edit them down. This is a time-consuming task so any help we can get would be awesome. And again, please remember this is just the first test in a long process, and we appreciate any support we can get from the community.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to referee at the NAHBPC should go register and take the quiz. Additionally, all teams playing in the NAHBPC need to have one player register and complete the quiz. Please follow the instructions here:

The main page can be found here: