WHBPC Teaser

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The Control are Back-to-Back Champs at ’17 NAHBPC

The Control have won this year’s North American Bike Polo Championship, for the second year in a row! The Control hail from San Francisco, CA and feature Andrew Weyland, Eric Stahl David, Forrest Timonere, Jackie Rust, Bruce Wahl. They won 7-6 over Bob Ross from Seattle. The NAHBPC MVP goes to Daren McLean from Mosquito!

Click here to watch more videos from 2017 NAHBPC!

Here is a list of qualified teams for WHBPC:

  • 1st – Control (South West)
  • 2nd – Bob Ross (Cascadia)
  • 3rd – Crunchy (Cascadia)
  • 4th – Mosquito (Great Plains)
  • T5th – Annunakis (Mexico)
  • T5th – Ghost Ship (Heartland)
  • T7th – Rat Queen (Eastside)
  • T7th – Ursa Minor (South East)

2017 NAH Qualifier Results

The 2017 NAH Regional Qualifying series has finally come to an end! Here are the results so far:


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
June 17-18

  1. Mosquito* (Will, Daren, Andrea, Greg, Dellwo, Duane SKN)
  2. Magpie (Josh, John, Bill EDM, Duane SKN)
  3. Triple Threat (Zach, Lee, Matt, Brad SKN, Gibson SLC)


Wausau, Wisconsin
June 10-11

  1. Abracadbra* (Zack MKE, Matt CLE, Cailyn CBUS, Jonathan ANC, Calebtru LNS)
  2. The Hardwoods* (Trevor ???, Flynn MKE, Dylan MAD, Seth, Tyler WAU)
  3. Be Still My Heart (Megan PHL, Chris, Tomohiko, Mark CHI, Emma GR)
    TBD (Bird, Sean, Genghis, Jan MKE, Thomas LAF)


San Luis Potosí, Mexico
May 27-28

  1. Annunakis* (Yair, Raúl, Paco, Christina, Flavia)
  2. Pandilla Tortura (Kevin, Axel, D. Ruano, Yanet, Omayra)
  3. Vándalos (Daniel, Fernando Neza, Diego, Belen, Diana)
  4. Chilaquil (Samuel, Fernando S.L.P, Marian, Paul, Daniel)


Ottawa, Ontario
May 27-28

  1. Low Key Hugz* (Allan, Angelo, Wes OTT, patricia, Bustin TO, Jonathan ANC)
  2. Trash Panda (Tex, Oskar, Nick Iwanyshyn, Ngaihon TO, Charlie BUF)
  3. Mont-Paul (Germain, Olivier, Matthieu, Vincent MTL, Dolly MTL)
    Literally Aluminium Garage (chandel, John, Aaron, Nick, Shane TO)


Denver, Colorado
May 27-28

  1. Chicken Wingz* (Dasha VAN, Miguel, Max ATX, Jenny DAV, Diego HOU)
  2. Los Banditos (Zach ATX, chu, Cara MEM, Giblets SLC, Tucker COS)
  3. Dad Strength (Kyle LNC, Davièr STL, Erin, Brandon, Duncan DEN)
  4. Piper United (Nathan, todd, Tim, DEN, Hite, kimberly ATX)


Folsom, California
May 20-21

  1. Control* (Shitty, Jacki, Bruce, Forrest, Ace SF)
  2. Ouch* (Taco Tony MAD, Ben, Jenny DAV, Diego HOU, niCo SF)
  3. Cornodogs* (Mrk Dvs SF, Aaron PDX, Stiven SF, chandel TO)
  4. Les Beehive Baes (Dove, Tate, Mr.CSB, Gabe, Tina, SLC)


Boston, Massachusetts
May 13-14

  1. Judgement* (Addison BOS, Bird MAD, Arnold, Shelley NYC, Tyler OAK)
  2. Rat Queen* (Erica, Nate, Zach NYC, Jessi TAC)
  3. Whistle Pig (Alex, Carter, Matt K, Matt H. K. LAN, Meg PHL)
  4. Toni’s Wives (Taylor, Jav, Mike, Tobi, Robby BOS)


Seattle, Washington
May 6-7

  1. Bob Ross* (Redbeard, kouyo, Sterling SEA, Hams LEX, Emma GR)
  2. Crunchy* (Arlyn, Pete, Aaron, Thatblackarm PDX, Elijah SEA, Diego HOU)
  3. Albatross* (Fletcher PDX, jake, JT, Smarsh, Danielle SEA)
  4. Planeteers* (DrewT PDX, Dustin, Jess SEA, Nick MPLS, paperplane SKN)


Tallahassee, Florida
April 29-30

  1. Sea Cowabunga* (Jimmy, Christopher, Delgado, Kyle, Alison TLH)
  2. Shleemies (Bobby FTM, Peter PHL, Danny TLH, Emily, Mike TPA)
  3. Puttin on the Gritz (Stuart, Joel, Salem AVL, KCJ JAX, Melly RDU)
    All You Can Eat Jimmy Buffet (Jessica, TravisAtom GNV, JJ, Cherri JAX, Wil TPA)


Columbus, Ohio
April 29-30

  1. Ghost Ships* (Taco Tony, Kaylasagne MAD, David, Peter, SLIME BOY CBUS)
  2. Edmund Fitzgerald* fka Lexington.ca (Adam, Sergio LEX, Bird MKE, Ben MAD, Travis CBUS, Rob CHI)
  3. Pagans (Andy, Graham, chu, Juice, Cara MEM)
  4. Paul Alka Fan Club (Stas CIN, Fun MEM, Thomas LAF, Betsy IND, Jonathan ANC)

*Qualified for NAHBPC