NAHBPC Sponsorship

Every year, North American Hardcourt hosts 10 regional qualifiers throughout Canada, United States and Mexico. Each region fights for a qualifying spot for the prestigious North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, one of the  toughest tournaments in the world. This year, the NAHBPC will be hosted by Lexington Bike Polo!

The tournament takes place on September 17―20 at the Lexington Bike Polo Courts located at the corner of 6th and Jeerson in Coolavin Park. The tournament will feature the top clubs from cities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Since its formation in 2007, Lexington’s reputation in the bike polo community has been one of hard work, successful tournament presentation, and dedication to maintaining the sport’s integrity and development. As many as 25 polo players populate Lexington’s bike polo courts, which are exclusively maintained by local players with the support of Parks and Recreation. Polo players from cities around the country often visit to join in Lexington’s weekly pickup games at Coolavin Park, which is located in the up-and-coming Northside of Lexington, close to many popular restaurants and bars, the Legacy Trail, and the Bread Box, a mixed-use building that houses West Sixth Brewing, Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop, Smithtown, and several artist studios.


Your sponsorship of the North American Hardcourt Championship not only helps Lexington Bike Polo host a premier event—it allows us to showcase your name, products, and services to a large demographic of cycling enthusiasts. Over 100 players will be participating in the weekend’s events and many spectators will be on hand to watch the action, providing excellent exposure for our sponsors. Bike polo is an emerging urban sport, and by sponsoring this major event, your company name will be known as a supporter of this progressive and exciting game and the community that has grown around it. We gratefully accept contributions of any level, and will work with your company to provide adequate recognition for your contributions.

For more information on sponsoring or donating to the event, contact Tiffany Morrow via email at 321@lexingtonbikepolo.com

Future Support

With such a devoted community, hardcourt bike polo will continue to grow and thrive in North America. By becoming a partner with NAH, you signal your endorsement and support of our efforts. A sponsorship will ensure quality, professional development of hardcourt bike polo and its community for years to come.

Please watch the video below, and thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Contact sponsorship@nahardcourt.com or ben@nahardcourt.com.