Bench Championships Details

It’s been a few weeks since NAs, and we are hoping you’ve decided as a club whether you are coming to Lexington for the NAH Bench Champs.

The deadline for registration is Sunday August 17th. After that spots will be handed down to the next clubs. If you aren’t planning to come, please also let us know asap, so we can help other clubs make plans.

Can the following clubs please let me ( know if you are coming, and send fees of $300 via paypal to

The fees cover the building of a 3rd court, park permits, and the paying of refs. Main refs will get $10 per game, assistant refs will get $5.

San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Toronto, ON – confirmed, not paid
Austin, TX – confirmed, not paid
Saskatoon, SK
Tallahassee, FL
Milwaukee, WI
Boston, MA – confirmed, not paid
Lexington, KY
New York, NY – confirmed, not paid
Philadelphia, PA

Reserves (please also let me know if you would take a spot)
Ottawa, ON
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Winnipeg, MB
Memphis, TN
Denver, CO
Columbia, MO.

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