NAH Roles & Descriptions

Want to get involved in the NAH and help organize? We are looking for the next NAH President, a Rules Director and Referee Coordinator. See the job and roles descriptions below and how to apply.

To apply, send a photo of yourself and answers to the following questions to Please limit your answers to a total of 1000 words.

  1. What role are you applying for?
  2. What skills and experience do you have that qualify you for this role?
  3. In this role, what do you hope to accomplish at NAH?

After we collect applications, regional reps will have a chance to discuss and vote for the applicant they feel best qualified. We will share each application with the larger bike polo community, if you have an opinion/feedback on an applicant, get in touch with your regional rep and let them know your thoughts in order to inform their vote!

Deadline to apply: December 1, 2018

Open Positions


As President of the NAH, your job is to set the organization’s annual objectives, assign duties and tasks to the NAH team. Much of your time will go to managing challenges as they arise and providing your team members guidance and support with their objectives. The President also manages many aspects of public relations for the NAH. You will be the primary point of contact when media outlets, private organizations, or government agencies need information. You will be the primary person to engage directly with other continental bike polo leadership when coordinating on global tasks. You will be responsible to create some portion of the social media and website content as needed. If an agenda item for the organization requires additional help, you will be the primary person responsible for recruiting additional people or providing assistance as you can.

The job is very open in how you manage these duties. The NAH is an organization that has benefited from not micromanaging each member’s individual tasks and individual role agendas. E.g., The President does not overrule the Rules Director on how rules are written or overrule the Tournament Director on how the NAH series is conducted. The President ensures that the rules are managed properly then documented and that the NAH series is being planned diligently. This tradition has proven invaluable to building trust in and outside of the organization. The President maintains and establishes traditions in the sport and events.

Ultimately, the role of the NAH President is to set the agenda of the organization.

Rules Director

The Rules Director is responsible for maintaining the digital version of the NAH ruleset, which is hosted on Gitbooks. They will proofread and copy/edit the ruleset each time a change is made. They will need to coordinate translation of the ruleset to different languages as needed, including when changes are made. They will initiate and participate in discussions of rules with players and other regions. They will mediate and address concerns of the ruleset. They will collaborate with the Tournament Director for tournament format and format rules as needed. They will collaborate with the Referee Coordinator for application of and educational materials as needed.

Referee Coordinator

The Referee Coordinator is responsible for recruitment, retention, training, and coordination of North America’s volunteer referee pool. The Referee Coordinator recruits and organizes the refs for the North American Championship. They are also responsible for building and maintaining ref training materials. The Referee Coordinator will also work in concert with the Rules Director on a number of fronts, such as the implementation of rule additions or changes (i.e. how is this new rule going to get called, how should we train our referees on what to look for), as well rules feedback from players and referees. The Referee Coordinator should expect to participate in rules committee discussions and act as a liaison on such discussions from the perspective of the volunteer referee group.

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