2015 Tournaments



Lexington, KY
Jul 11-13 2014
1st Monster Truck (PDX, LDN)
2nd Guardians (SEA)
3rd Prospectors (PDX)

NAH Club Bench Championship

Guadalajara, MEX
November 19-22
1st Guadalajara
2nd Kauyumari
3rd Tapatío B de buenos

Regional Qualifiers

Seattle, WA
June 20-21
1st Guardians (SEA)
2nd SSK (SEA)
3rd Booyakasha (VAN, LDN, FRA)

Washington D.C.
June 19-21
1st Ratking (NYC, LEX)
2nd balls balls balls balls tom brady (BOS, PHI, NYC)
3rd Manthousand (PHI, CHI, LEX)

Great Lakes
Grand Rapids, MI
Jun 12-14
1st sober as a gopher (PHL, TO)
2nd The Calm (COMO, LEX, STL)
3rd oysters, clams, and cuckolds (CBUS)

Great Plains
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
July 4-5
1st Mosquito (SKN)
2nd Passless Chaps (WPG)
3rd les petits gateaux (SKN)

Lexington, KY
May 22-24
1st Zig zags (LEX, MKE, STL)
2nd The Wild Wonders (CBUS)
3rd Little Dipster (CHI, CIN)

Guadalajara, MEX
June 26-28
1st Niño Dios (GDL, MPLS)
2nd Atlético Traidores (DF)
3rd Hermanos Korioto (GDL)

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
June 26-28
1st The Ngai-sayers (LEX, ARB, TO)
2nd The Grit (OTT)
3rd Some wicked clever name (BOS, OTT, TO)

South Central
Austin, TX
June 12-14
1st Mucho Taco Easy (ATX, HOU, SAT)
2nd Los Cuatreros Unidos (ATX)
3rd Rowdy Ruff Boys (MEM)

Raleigh, NC
May 15-17
1st Ginyu Force (NYC, TLH)
2nd Memento Mori (PGH, NYC, CHO)
3rd Garth Vader (LNC, DC, LEX)

South West
Davis, CA
June 20-21
1st The Control (SF)
2nd Creamsicles (SF, OAK)
3rd Dead Wings (LA)