NAH Elections for Regional Reps

NAH election season is here.

Starting next week, club reps in each of the seven NAH regions will each be voting for three regional reps.

  • February 27th at 5pm ET: Deadline to update club reps, and deadline to declare your candidacy as a regional rep (see below)
  • February 28th: Voting opens for regional reps. Regional reps will be elected by club reps via a ranked ballot (each club rep will choose three candidates and rank them 1, 2, 3).
  • March 7th 5pm ET: voting closes. Results will be available shortly after.

Regional Reps

Since the dawn of NAH, we’ve relied on diverse perspectives and volunteer participation from the North American polo community. This involvement has helped shape NAH into a global model for organizing our burgeoning sport. This next election marks the beginning of yet another milestone in our development.

North American Hardcourt is holding elections for Regional Representatives in the coming weeks. Now is your opportunity to make a positive impact in how we plan, grow, and change. We need people with a critical – even dissatisfied – eye, but also those with a positive approach and who possess the skills and willingness to make improvements.

To that end, we have better defined our regional rep positions:

  • Regional Representative, NAH board – Oversee and manage their region and bring their region’s work and ideas to the board. An ability to delegate, organize, and communicate respectfully and clearly is a must.
  • Regional Representative, Outreach – This is the Johnny Appleseed position. Assist new clubs in getting started, help build clubs with questions and building membership, finding sponsorship, and nurture inter-club relationships.
  • Regional Representative, Tournaments – Coordinate/schedule your region’s qualifier, help develop non-NAH tourneys, oversee referee development in coordination with Ref Committee, and develop our NAH series schedule in concert with the Tournaments Committee.

This refinement is a leap forward which will help accomplish the new and exciting plans for 2013, 2014, and 2015. It’s a great time to get involved. Your involvement could help decide the North American Championships location, assist with rules development, plan logistics for an NAH tour, make your region stronger, develop PR strategies, and so on.

The goal of NAH has always been to organize competition, foster world-class bike polo, nurture interest, and represent North America on the world stage.  We want you to continue and grow that tradition. Here are the steps to declare your candidacy:

  1. Visit your region’s page on  League of Bike Polo:
  2. Post your declaration of candidacy. Given the distinct roles, it might be good to emphasize which regional rep position you hope to occupy and provide your qualifications.
  3. After posting to LoBP, send your contact information to If you’re elected, this is how we’ll contact you.

Share this with all the polo folks in your life. Discussion is key. You can also watch the opinions fly on the League of Bike Polo thread as well..

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