Meet the NAH Team

nah team

Meet your NAH 2017 season team! We are excited about the coming year and working to grow the sport!

Alias Tagami
NAH President

As your new President, Alias has some big plans for NAH this year: he wants to see bike polo grow at the club level and he is rolling up his sleeves and is ready to work with the bike polo community to make this happen. You can read more about Alias’ bike polo plans in his “Hello” post.

Mark Aseltine
Tournament Director

Mark is your new tournament wizard. He’ll organize the format for NAH sanctioned tournament, coordinate region allocation and other NAH tournament wizardly duties, like magically getting a tournament that’s behind schedule, back on track. Mark’s played polo for 5 years and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

Joe Rstom
Rules Developer and Organizing Coordinator

Joe is the longest standing NAH staff member and worked extensively on developing the current NAH rule set over the past several years. In addition, he’s organized and scheduled referees for NAH sanctioned tournaments, but moving forward, this responsibility will fall to Will and Joe will continue to work on developing the NAH rule set, updating the referee certification program and help with other NAH organizing duties. Joe’s played polo for 5 years and lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Will Robbins
Rules Developer and Referee Coordinator

Will joins the team as the new Ref Coordinator and will help organize and schedule referees for NAH sanctioned tournaments. In addition, he will work with Joe to improve and continue developing the NAH rule set and the referee certification program. Will has played polo for 6 years and currently plays with the team Mosquito and lives in Saskatoon, Canada.

Jenny Kutzleb
Outreach and Social Media Coordinator

Jenny joins the team as the new Outreach and Social Media Coordinator. She’ll help with hustling and organizing NAH sanction tournaments, creating new content for the NAH website and social media platforms, creating bike polo resources, and have her fingers in other NAH shenanigans. Jenny’s been playing bike polo for 3 years and lives in Davis, California.

Adam Hite
Web Developer

Adam is the NAH Web Developer and is working on transforming the NAH website into something beautiful and useful. He has 8 years of experience developing websites and has some exciting plans for the brand new site that NAH will roll out in the next couple of months that will include new resources for players and organizers and a more inclusive vibe to the design and presentation of the sport. Adam has played polo since 2010 and lives in Austin, TX.



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