Lexington, KY to Host WHBPC 2017

On behalf of NAH and Lexington BP, we are happy to announce that WHBPC 2017 will be hosted in Lexington, KY!

Mark your calendars and start saving up your money now!  WHBPC main event will be a four-day event during the week of October 2nd, 2017.  Additional pre-and-post events may be coordinated in the months to come.  NAH will be launching a WHBPC website for up to date details for travelers including information on suggested airports, dining, housing, and a daily schedule of WHBPC events.  We are working on finalizing the total number of teams, and the continental allocation of spots for the event.

The tournament will be hosted at Coolavin Park on three co-located courts.  All courts are 120’x60′ with full 4′ perimeter boards and symmetrical court entrances.  The park offers some natural shade and shelter, and the courts have lights until 11:00pm.  The park is adjacent to local food vendors offering diverse dining options within walking distance to the event grounds.

Designated player bike parking with controlled access will be setup for players as well as a player’s grotto.  First aid, refreshment, admin, and media tents will be strategically located around the courts.  To establish a more festival atmosphere surrounding WHBPC, a children’s area and lawn games area will provide activities for players and visitors who come to the park.

WHBPC will be streamed live.  Details on the stream will be announced on a later date.

Lexington BP is one of the most established clubs in North America, and has a long history hosting major polo events.  They have hosted NAHBPC in 2015 and NAH Bench Championship in 2014.  Lexington has also hosted Ladies Army and events such as Fixcraft’s Fixcamp.  The club has already been a major contributor to the bike polo community, and they are excited to welcome players from all over the world.

For questions, please contact Alias Tagami (alias@nahardcourt.com) or Mark Aseltine (mark@nahardcourt.com).

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