2018 NAHBPC: Control Three-peat

Control NAHBPC champs

Milwaukee was rainy and chilly, but we witnessed some of the best bike polo the world has ever seen! San Francisco’s very own, Control, beat Bob Ross in a dramatic final game. This is a Control three-peat at the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship!

2018 NAHBPC Standings:

1st – Control
2nd – Bob Ross
3rd – Superpolo
4th – Mosquito
T5th – Peanuts
T5th – Quietly, Once
T5th – Les Beehive Baes
T5th – 🔥🙃

Most Valuable Player – Andrew “Shitty” Wayland (Control)
Most Fair Player – Patti Youn (Les Beehive Baes)

Thanks to all of our referees, goal judges and time/scorekeepers!

Huge shoutout to David Barthod from SLC for throwing together the live stream last minute! Also, thanks to everyone that chipped in money to help and all of the people who helped run the equipment!

You can watch the raw live stream on our YouTube channel for now. Soon we will be posting full games from Court A in the following weeks as we edit them. If you subscribe to our channel, you can get notifications when new videos are posted!