2017 WHBPC Wildcard

This years Wildcard will feature up to 12 teams, competing for at least 2 spots to the main event, more if continental spots are left unclaimed. The wildcard spots will be allocated by region and registration will open in each region at various times based on their qualifying event being completed or not. All regions will have an open registration period (not a click race) of two weeks followed by a lottery for available spots. Lottery results will be made public immediately after the registration period.

Wildcard format will be 2 groups of 6 teams, round-robin format. Top team(s) will advance to the main event.

Registration opening times are as follows:

Australia/New Zealand: June 15-29
BPLA: June 22-July 5
North America: August 10-18
Europe: August 14-20

Wildcard allocation:

NA – 4
EU – 4
BPLA – 2
A/NZ – 2

Registration requests must be emailed to mark@nahardcourt.com within the designated registration period and must include the following:

  • All members full names and home club
  • Captain email address
  • Team Name