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Hello everyone,

With a new president and new incoming team members, the NAH would like to take a moment to remind the polo community of some great ways to engage your NAH representatives;

Moving forward, NAH team members will not use personal Facebook pages or email address to discuss NAH business. While many of us will talk polo and share polo related content, we need to work on drawing some boundaries between our personal lives and NAH business. Any messages posted on or sent to a personal page or email will be disregarded. NAH team members will also not participate via their personal profiles in public forum discussions regarding NAH matters (rules, tournament format, etc.).

The members of NAH realize these discussions are important to the development of bike polo and encourage those participating to provide thoughts and feedback directly to the NAH via DM (to NAH social media sites) or email. Email addresses of NAH team members can be found on the NAH website;

In addition to emailing, you can also subscribe to the NAH mailing list to get announcements and important news delivered directly to your mailbox. Sign up here.

Communication is a high priority for us as is creating better transparency this 2019 season. In order to achieve this we will continue to develop lines of communication within the North American bike polo community and abroad to help grow this sport we all love and to create productive interactions and relationships.

Please respect the NAH team and the need to keep personal and official lives separate. But also please keep your thoughts, ideas and comments coming! We love hearing from you and want to keep the communication lines open.

To help spread the word, please share this post with your club.

Thanks everyone,
Looking forward to an exciting 2019,
Your NAH team.

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