2017 NAHPBC and WHBPC: Call for Bids

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  We are happy to announce we’re now accepting bids for the 2017 NAHBPC and WHBPC! The NAHBPC is slated for July and Worlds will be hosted in September. If you and your club are interested in hosting one of these events, head over to the Bike Polo Calendar to get more details about the […]


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Early in 2016, Ben approached me about taking over the leadership of the NAH.  We had talked on many occasions about what mission the organization was best to address.  He was ready to step down, and I had some drive in me to make 2017 a year of polo revival and celebration. But, let’s get […]

2016 Season: Survey Results, NAHBPC & Worlds Hosts

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2016 Season: Survey Results, NAHBPC & Worlds Hosts

Thank you to everyone who filled in our survey. We had over 350 responses, and it’s provided us with some great info. I’m going to discuss what these results mean for NAH tournaments going forward, and what needs to happen to achieve those aims.   Demographics We received responses from a wide range of players, […]

2015 Season and Beyond

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2015 Season and Beyond

NAH Qualifying Series As in previous years, teams will qualify for the NAHBPC through regional qualifiers. The regional reps must provide the list of qualified teams, and one wild card team to the NAH (tournaments@nahardcourt.com) by Monday August 3rd 2015. Qualifiers The following changes will be made from last year. Regions will have full control […]

WHBPC 2015 – Timaru, NZ

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WHBPC 2015 – Timaru, NZ

NAH would like to confirm we will not be bidding for the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2015! We approve and support the bid from Timaru, NZ. We will be focussing on putting a bid together for the next Worlds, with the intention of it being in summer 2017..

Europe joins NAH in supporting Timaru for WHBPC 2015

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Europe joins the NAH in supporting the Timaru bid for Worlds 2015. Any clubs in either North America or Europe who want to compete to host that tournament should contact their respective association by the end of the month. The EHPA is ready to fully support the Timaru bid for WHBPC but would like to […]

Bid for WHBPC 2015

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During the worlds, there were discussions between the EHBPA, Australasia, and the NAH regarding the worlds. Timaru, NZ will be submitting a formal bid to host worlds in late 2015 within the next few weeks. It’s not expected that any other clubs will compete for that (assuming the bid is up to the standard expected). […]

North America at WHBPC14

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The following list of teams going, or maybe going to the Worlds. We have plenty of reserved wildcard spots for NA teams available, and possibly even some main event spots. Please let me know asap if you want to go. All teams must register by July 28th, at http://whbpc2014.montpellierbikepolo.fr Main event: 1) Beavers – confirmed […]

NAH endorses the bid of Montpellier for the 2014 WHBPC

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NAH endorses the bid of Montpellier for the 2014 WHBPC

NAH endorses the bid of Montpellier for the 2014 WHBPC, but we would like to request a mid-September date. We are aware that August is a holiday period in France, but having such a date means the NAHBPC, and NAHBPC qualifiers need to be so early in the season as to potentially have a negative […]

Survey for WHBPC planners/organizers.

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On behalf of the worldwide polo community, we took some advice from a LOBP thread (found here) and decided to ask the community a few questions. This is an informal surveyed, merely used for reference regarding various organizing topics. Since there is no unified world organizing body this information is pretty superficial. None the less, […]