2015 Season amendments

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2015 Season amendments

After our announcement about the 2015 season, we had some questions from regions and players, that we would like to respond to. Reserved slots for wildcard We reserved a slot in the wildcard for each region, two for Lexington, and one for the Ladies Army winners. In each case, these spots are transferable to the next team in […]

2015 Season and Beyond

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2015 Season and Beyond

NAH Qualifying Series As in previous years, teams will qualify for the NAHBPC through regional qualifiers. The regional reps must provide the list of qualified teams, and one wild card team to the NAH (tournaments@nahardcourt.com) by Monday August 3rd 2015. Qualifiers The following changes will be made from last year. Regions will have full control […]

NAHBPC 2014 Registration, Qualifier Results & Club Leaderboard

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NAHBPC 2014 Registration Once teams have qualified, they must register for the NAHBPC to be able to compete. Registration will use Podium, and can be found here: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/nahbpc2014 Any teams who have not yet qualified will be rejected, and will need to re-register if and when they do qualify. Registration will be $123 per team […]

Qualifying Attendance Poll

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NAH is discussing the implication of current methods as well as original qualifying formats. We’d appreciate the feedback of North American players so we can gauge how important the progression of the qualifying series is to you. .

2014 NAHBPC Returning to Minneapolis, July 11th – 13th

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It’s been confirmed that the NAHBPC will be returning to the Roseville Oval, in Minneapolis for the 2014 season. The dates will be from July 11th-13th. We will be updating this post with more information as we have it, as well as on the LOBP thread: https://leagueofbikepolo.com/nahbpc2014 E-mail any questions to tournaments@nahardcourt.com.

2014 Qualifier Registration via Podium – Instructional

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2014 Qualifier Registration via Podium – Instructional

To register for your qualifier, go to the appropriate link (at least one player on the team must have a Podium profile, to register): South East registration will open at 7pm PDT, 10pm EDT, Friday March 21st. South East: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/seq2014 Sunday, March 23rd, 10PM EST South Central: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/scq2014 Monday, March 24th, 10PM EST Mexico: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/mxq2014 […]

2014 NAH Qualifying Series

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2014 NAH Qualifying Series

The NAH Qualifying Series will decide which 48 teams fight for the North American Bike Polo Championship in Minneapolis on the weekend of July 12th. Locations Qualifiers will be taking place in the following 10 locations: April 26th/27th South Central: Albuquerque, NM (24 teams), 4 teams qualify May 3rd/4th South East: Atlanta, GA (32 teams), […]

Proposed Regional & Structure Changes for 2014

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Proposed Regional & Structure Changes for 2014

In an effort to provide a more equitable and competitive NAH Championship series, two key changes are being proposed to the qualifying system – the creation of new regions and a return to an open region qualifying system. The purpose of these changes is it make it as easy as possible for teams to attempt […]

WHBPC 2013 Continental Regional Registration Info

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The community of World Hardcourt Bike Polo is wrapping up it’s international championships schedule and has patiently waited for the breakdown of entrants to the WHBPC 2013 being held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA, October 16th-20th. Wait no more! The team distribution is as follows: 20 North America [based on placing finish at the North […]


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We sit exactly 4 weeks away from the 2013 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships being held in Minneapolis, MN! August 16-18 are the dates and the invitations have been sent! Congratulations to the teams that qualified to participate this year! You can find the list here: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/nahbpc2013#comment-119745 All teams have been contacted and the […]