Meet the NAH Team

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Governance, NAH

Meet your NAH 2017 season team! We are excited about the coming year and working to grow the sport! Alias Tagami NAH President As your new President, Alias has some big plans for NAH this year: he wants to see bike polo grow at the club level and he is rolling up his sleeves […]


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Early in 2016, Ben approached me about taking over the leadership of the NAH.  We had talked on many occasions about what mission the organization was best to address.  He was ready to step down, and I had some drive in me to make 2017 a year of polo revival and celebration. But, let’s get […]


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Preface: I have come to revere many people in bike polo, for many reasons. The following focuses on my time in the organization of bike polo through NAHBPA. Apologies to anyone who feels they’ve been overlooked. You have my gratitude. In the summer of 2006, I was working for a bike shop in Chicago. I’d […]

Ruleset v4.5 Unanimously Approved for 2015

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This page is a companion to the newly published ruleset for 2015. V4.5 can be found here: Over the winter the rules committee has been drafting rules, discussing ideas for the future and play-testing early versions of rules. In January a call was put out for clubs to play-test a version of the crease rule, and […]

NAH bids farewell to Chandel

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This coming season is going to be full of changes, some which we’ve announced and some things still in the works. One very big change, internally, is the exit of the former tournament coordinator Chandel Bodner. If you’ve attended any major tournament, you’ve probably met and interacted with Chandel and know how crucial she has […]

Rules Voting for 2014

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We’ve set up an informal poll on certain disputed rules that you can find here: 2014 Rules Votes Have your voice heard for the future of competitive bike polo!   You can join in the discussion here and contact the Rules committee here..

Inside the Black Box

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Inside the Black Box

-NAH Organization- It is not an easy thing to build a continental sports organization from scratch. From the first coffee table and skype meetings to the structure NAH has today has been a massive transition, and it’s an evolution that is still in the very early stages. As the next step into the future, NAH […]

NAH Talks Finance!

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NAH Talks Finance!

In response to player questions concerning NAH finances, we’ve instituted a new policy of releasing NAH account information once a year at tax time. As a very small non-profit organization, NAH files a 990-N with the IRS. This form includes almost no relevant information about NAH finances. For more transparency, NAH will also annually report […]

NAH Election Results

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NAH Election Results

NAH is very excited to announce an outstanding set of regional reps to move North American polo forward in 2013 & 2014. Thanks to everyone who participated in this election, from the club level, club reps, and everyone who ran and expressed their ideas for the coming years.  CASCADIA Jeremy Whitbred, Seattle Shannon Frey, East […]