Rules Updates for NAH Qualifiers

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 in NAH

We’ve already begun to implement feedback we’ve received from players and have made a few immediate updates to the ruleset that was released earlier in April. Thank you for all of your input! It truly helps guide future development. Qualifier organizers are advised to used this latest edition, and are still allowed to petition for […]

Ruleset Update for the 2017 Season

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Ruleset Update for the 2017 Season

I am happy to present the 2017 NAH Ruleset for the 2017 Qualifying Season, NAHBPC and WHBPC. This ruleset is the most significant update since 2014 when NAH introduced version 4.3. Once again, this version ushers in a new delivery format and naming convention as well as a new process for collaborating and play-testing rules. […]

Ruleset v4.5 Unanimously Approved for 2015

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This page is a companion to the newly published ruleset for 2015. V4.5 can be found here: Over the winter the rules committee has been drafting rules, discussing ideas for the future and play-testing early versions of rules. In January a call was put out for clubs to play-test a version of the crease rule, and […]

German translation of NAH Ruleset

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Rules

Thanks to Graz Bike Polo, in Austria, who have translated the NAH rules into German. The original English ruleset is the only one applicable to NAH tournaments (we hope to change this sooner rather than later, at least for Spanish and French), this may be very useful for those whose first language is German, and […]

Looking for clubs to test new crease rule

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Hey folks! This past weekends rules feedback was pretty clear, and we’d like some volunteers from various cities to contact us about play-testing a shiny new crease rule. If your club is seriously interested, please e-mail

2014 Referee Certification + More

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2014 Referee Certification + More

1. Version 4.2 of the Rules We’ve updated §3.3 – Overtime. It has reverted to the overtime rule of prior seasons: Instead of five minutes followed by first-goal-wins, it will simply be first-goal-wins after a rejoust. You can find the updated pdf here, or on the Rules page. NAH Ruleset v4.2 2. NAH Referee Requirements […]

NAH Ruleset v4.0 Approved by NAH Board and Club Reps

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Changes, Rules
NAH Ruleset v4.0 Approved by NAH Board and Club Reps

Voting on the NAH Ruleset v4.0 is now complete, and votes have been tallied. Before we announce the results I’d like to remind everyone in the community that this isn’t the end of Rules development. If you have constructive input to provide, after spending the time thinking through the changes critically, trying them out in […]

Proposed 2014 Ruleset: Version 4.0 Beta

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Rules
Proposed 2014 Ruleset: Version 4.0 Beta

From the Rules committee chair, Nick Kruse: NAH has completed the final proposal for the 2014 ruleset. Building on years prior, we have highlighted some critical safety concerns and filled in holes that had previously allowed for what we deemed to be unfair play as observed over the course of the season. Also, some technical […]

Proposed Regional & Structure Changes for 2014

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Changes, NAHBPC, Qualifying Series
Proposed Regional & Structure Changes for 2014

In an effort to provide a more equitable and competitive NAH Championship series, two key changes are being proposed to the qualifying system – the creation of new regions and a return to an open region qualifying system. The purpose of these changes is it make it as easy as possible for teams to attempt […]

Rules Voting for 2014

Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Governance, Rules

We’ve set up an informal poll on certain disputed rules that you can find here: 2014 Rules Votes Have your voice heard for the future of competitive bike polo!   You can join in the discussion here and contact the Rules committee here..